Upgrade Your Home With A Linen Sofa

This Ibiza Linen Sofa will transform your living space. 

Ibiza Linen Sofa Zoco Home

Linen has always been a winner with our interior designers. They absolutely adore natural linen fabric for creating sophisticated looks using sustainable material and providing a space with so much charm. 

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your living space into an elegant dream with a boho touch, then choosing a linen sofa will immediately transform your living space. With a relaxed look, it feels timeless and effortless due to its textured appearance. 

A quality sofa is certainly a piece of furniture you should invest in for your home this year.  

We look into the reasons why upgrading your home with a linen sofa is the perfect way to transform your space.

The History of Linen Fabric

Linen is made of natural fibre and is likely the oldest textile known to be used. The fibres are extremely durable and can easily be coloured with natural dyes making linen of art in your home. 

Custom made Ibiza Linen Sofa

Today, the linen fabric is still appreciated for its beauty, feel and durability. 

Why Is Linen Fabric Popular?

Linen fabric continues to be a popular choice in many households. Natural, casually elegant and offering a timeless look, linen sofas provide your space with so much style. 

White linen sofa

Linen fabric is absorbent and breathable which makes it the perfect choice during the hot days of summer and as it is a natural fibre, it will warm up your space during the cooler months. 

Additionally, as the material comes from a natural source, its upholstery will crease adding that extra bit of charm that every household needs. Good quality linen fabric will never go out of fashion. 

Why Choose Zoco Home’s Ibiza Linen Sofa 

The living space is usually the most important part of the home, so make it special and upgrade your living room with our Ibiza linen sofas. 

Custom made Ibiza Linen Lounge Sofa

There are endless reasons to love our Ibiza linen sofas. These sofas are comfortable yet stylish and will become the centrepiece of your home, whether you are relaxing or entertaining guests. Our stunning Ibiza linen sofas will offer your space with a relaxed atmosphere and will be the seating area that everyone wants to chill out on.

Tailor Made Linen Sofas 

It’s important to add a personal touch into your home and embrace your own personality. We are able to custom make these linen sofas according to the size and colour you wish to have in your space. 

How To Clean Linen Sofas

Firstly, linen fabric is easy to clean and easy to maintain. All our linen is removable so you can easily dry clean the fabric or wash the linen fabric at 30 degrees or less on a slow spin cycle.  

An Extra Touch To Your Sofa

For the ultimate cozy space, adding textiles such as cushions and pillows can do wonders. A house becomes a home when it has an inviting interior, so add a warming touch by adding some pompom pillows and cushions into your home. 

Pompom cushion

Pompom cushions are an excellent way to add texture into your home. These cozy linen Pom Pom cushions offer style in any interior space and will add so much charm to your home. Each pillow is flawlessly handmade using 100% linen giving that personal touch to your sofa. 

Additionally, complete the Scandinavian boho look with a gorgeous blanket or throw. Pompom blanket and throws are used in a way to elevate personality into any space, as well as giving extra warmth. 

Pompom blanket white Zoco Home

Our linen sofas are crafted to perfection and the best quality to give you the comfort you, your family and your home deserves. 

If you have any questions for us regarding our Ibiza linen sofas and textiles, contact us at info@zocohome.com and we will answer your questions. Get your beautiful boho couch today!

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