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Bamboo Console Table | 90x37x76cm

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A breeze that brings us the Bamboo Collection.

The authenticity of this Bamboo Console Table comes from the traditional craftsmanship that it represents. 

Bamboo has been used in oriental societies for ages, due to its resilience and versatility. The methods used in this woodwork come from years of culture and tradition, applying the same diligence in their meticulous work to this day.

These precious pieces are best combined with each other, creating unique spaces in your home. Imagine a beautiful boho lounge area in your terrace, or a relaxing breakfast spot where you can enjoy this one of a kind furniture.

​​Important information regarding wooden outdoor furniture: This table is suitable for outdoor sheltered use, if it is not placed in a completely unprotected area, the speed of wear and tear is heavily multiplied and guarantee will be void.

Product specifications
Size 90x37x76cm