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Beni Ourain | 296x198cm

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Exclusive pieces that tell a story, this is what the Beni Ourain Rugs represent.

The story behind these precious rugs begins at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where the rugs were originally crafted by Beni Ourain tribal women. This region is home to an ancient breed of sheep that produce wool of the finest quality.

Initially used by the Berber to keep warm and for sleeping on the floor. The properties of the wool in its purest form, undyed and handwoven with love and years of ancient tradition.

At Zoco Home we love to incorporate these rugs into our contemporary designs with a lot of admiration and respect towards the story behind these treasured pieces.

The designs can vary but the classic and most popular is the black and white diamond design with knotted tassels of sorts on the edges.

Please note that colour, shape or pattern variations are not defects but an integral part of the authenticity of the product. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade from natural materials that should be handled with care.

Product specifications
Ivory base with black diamond motifs
100% sheep wool
Hand made in Morocco