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Cactus Silk Pillow Cover | Denim | 50x50cm

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This pillow is BEYOND lovely

Cactus silk also called Sabra silk, are one of our favourite textiles. The eye catching and unique design of pillow create a wonderful sense of charm and individuality. 

These pillow covers showcase the detailed handwork of amazing Moroccan textiles. Being hand woven in Atlas Mountain village and originally created as rugs but reimagined as pillows. made from the fiber of the Saharan aloe vera. The leaves are pounded and soaked until the fibers separate. Then the fibers are spun by hand to create a silky, but very strong thread. The thread is woven on looms to create the cactus silk. The colors are created with vegetable dyes. 

The authentic texture and unique patterns make for a great accent piece for your bed or sofa.

SIZE 50x50cm
Denim blue
Cactus silk


Every pillow is one of a kind with its own individual character and charm, sizes may slightly vary.