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Fouta towel | Light Grey - brown

  • €29,00

Fouta towels, also known as Hamam towel, has become in recent years extremely popular for its unbeatable qualities. Fouta towels are thin, multifunctional and there’s endless uses for everyday life. These multifunctional towels originally used as towels or sarongs in hamams and spas. Traditionally made of 100% cotton in generous size and tassels bringing a sense of style.

Today, fouta towels have become a modern lifestyle essential. Known and praised for their versatility, fouta towels are both decorative and functional, and they work well in many settings, from home to the beach. Cozy up your lounge or throw it over the bed. Take it with you to the beach or pack it easily for those lovely weekend trips, wear it on those chilly mornings and evenings… list is endless.

As Foutas are thinner than other towels, they dries much faster than a regular towels, are easy to fit into a small space which makes it easy to take on trips, gym or to the beach.

  • Size: 200 × 100cm
  • Color: Light Grey – brown stripe
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Origin: Tunisia