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Linen Pillow | Granit | 40x60cm

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This beautiful linen pillow is a must addition to any sofa or bed and is certainly your go-to when updating your interior.

The stone washed linen cushion cover is perfect for any interior and you can mix up with colours or have them all the same. Not only these cushions look gorgeous, they are also simple to care for. 

Product specifications
Size Width 130cm
Height 67cm
Depth 82cm
Base teak and white covers
Untreated solid reclaimed
teak and polyester

Machine wash, tumble dry and don’t worry about ironing - the wrinkles are part of its glamour!

Washing instructions for linen fabric:
Linen fabric should be washed at 30 degrees or less on a slow spin cycle to avoid shrinking the material. Once the wash has been completed, remove the covers from the machine as quickly as possible to avoid excessive creasing and leave to dry.