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Tarifa Linen Lounge | Furniture Set

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The essential furniture solution for the coziest living room, the Tarifa Lounge Sofa Furniture Set.

This furniture package combines one of our bestselling sofas with all the extra decor pieces you need to turn it into the ideal sofa for cuddling up.

Our bundles have been chosen carefully by our stylists to bring together some of our customer favourites. This particular furniture set features the main elements of a practical and beautiful living room, so you don't have to scramble your head to find the perfect combination!

Featuring the timeless Tarifa Linen Lounge Sofa, and an array of carefully chosen decoration accessories including a full size Jute Rug that matches to perfection with the chosen cushions and the beautiful linen throw made from 100% linen.

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This Set includes:

1x Tarifa Linen Lounge Sofa | 240 cm with 2 backrest pillow
2x Yarn Cushions Covers | White/Light Brown 50x50 cm
1x Fouta Linen Throw | Butternut 135x180 cm
1x Mali Stripe Jute Rug | Natural/White 240x180cm