Guilt-Free Gift Wrapping

9 nov. 2023

This year we are taking extra care into making our gift giving experience special for all parties involved. This means rethinking our whole concept of gift wrapping, finding a way to reduce waste, all the while maintaining the high expectancy of beautifully presented gifts.

Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese fabric wrapping, Furoshiki, it can be used to wrap gifts and carry items. All the while using pieces of fabric that can be upcycled easily, folded in an almost origami style manner, and knotted to finish. No need for any tape, glue or scissors! Just easy, no fuss, gift wrapping.

Here we present a simple guide to wrapping a square/rectangular object, using this technique and adding that unique Zoco Home touch!

1. First we choose our fabric, this can be square or rectangular (we are using the Linen Table Mat for a soft, minimalistic finish) and make sure the gift is in the centre, diagonal to the corners of the fabric.

2. Next, we make the first fold, folding one corner over the gift. 


3. We do the same fold with the opposite corner. You can fold in the overlapping corner for a cleaner finish.


4. Pinch together the base of each side and fold into the middle.

5. Tie a knot with each end and adjust the length of the bow. You can tie a double knot for security although this is not usually necessary.


6. Finish off your eco friendly gift wrapping with a sprig of pine or eucalyptus for a festive holiday feel!


You can wrap all sorts of objects with varying shapes this way using only a piece of fabric and your hands! Here are some more examples:





There are two kinds of people during the festive season: those who buy their gifts months in advance and those who are last-minute shopping the day before. Good news is... we've got you covered either way!

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