Interior Design Tips To Upgrade Your Home For Spring 2021

10 mrt. 2021

Explore our interior design tips to upgrade and refresh your home for the 2021 spring season ahead.

We can’t ignore how the past year has changed the way we see our homes. Our homes have become our safe place, so comfort and coziness is essential. As the cooler months are fading away and spring is just around the corner, it is time to set your home the way it should be for the spring and summer months.

Springtime can encourage a cleaner and brighter style in your space. We all deserve to have a home we love and it doesn’t have to be a difficult task to do. We look into our favourite products and design tips which will update, refresh and modernise your home for spring 2021.

Use More Neutrals Tones

Using neutral tones will always be a classic and will provide your space with a timeless look. It creates a more minimalistic appeal and bright atmosphere into your home which is perfect for spring time.

Zoco Home Design Tips

Additionally, the versatility of neutrals make decorating any space easier. When neutral colours are used as the primary colours for your interior, your personal style is able to shine through.

Neutral tones are also great options for all interior design styles as it allows the rest of your furnishings to stand out.

Bring The Outside In

The outdoors has a natural appeal to the majority of us. The thought of nature makes us feel refreshed and calm, meaning spring is the perfect season to embrace nature and bring the outside into your homes.

Zoco Home Boho Furniture

Adding natural fibres into your home such as rattan and jute is one way of doing this. Simply by adding baskets or jute rugs into your home can instantly create a more relaxing space.

Style Up With A Sofa

If there is one way to transform your living space this spring, it is with a brand new, comfortable linen sofa.

Zoco Home Linen Sofa

Linen is appreciated for its beauty, feel and durability, so it is the ideal fabric to use in your home this spring and for years to come.

Linen offers a smooth and cool fabric that will instantly create a relaxed atmosphere in any interior design space.

Choose one of our large variety of linen sofas and transform your living room into the space your friends and family will enjoy spending their time. Our sofas are super stylish and will provide you with the comfort you need.

All our sofas have a wooden frame which makes it durable and is upholstered in a removable linen fabric. This means you can wash or replace the fabric whenever you want.

Upgrade your home with a linen sofa today!

More Texture With Textiles

Textiles help to transform the mood of a space and is another way to add visual interest to your room.

Textiles Zoco Home

By mixing and matching different textures, you automatically create a sense of layering which is very appealing to the eye. Try draping a linen throw over your sofa or bed to create a more inviting space.

Add pillows and cushions for the ultimate spring vibes in your home.

Wall Deco & Wall Art

Wall decor can turn bland walls into charming spaces and as we spend more time at home, we realise we can get more creative with how we style up our walls.

Zoco Home Wall Decor

No matter what room you are decorating, adding accessories are essential. Wall decoration and art is the perfect way to add character and to liven up any space. It can immediately bring positivity in the ambience.

Depending on how you want to express your personality there are so many different wall decorations you can choose from. From wall art to show your artistic side, shelves for functionality or boho wall decor, there is something available.

Show off your personality this spring with some wall decor!


Lights are more than just a way to illuminate your space. Adding the correct lighting to your home can make a big difference in your mood and the whole aura of a room.

Zoco Home Boho Lighting

The lampshades you choose for your home can become the statement piece in any space, whether that is the ceiling lighting above your dining table or a floor lamp next to your cozy sofa or a table lamp in your bedroom.

Discover our large variety of lamps and transform your space for spring time!

Remember that updating your home every so often is a fun task to take on. It gets your creativity flowing, fun for the entire family and results in a beautiful home and what better time to do this than spring!