It’s The Giving Season: 5 thoughtful gifts

9 nov. 2023

There are two kinds of people during the festive season: the ones who love giving presents and the ones who love getting them! 

Whichever of the two you may be, you will know that not all gifts are created equal, and that above all the rest, the best gifts are ones that are thoughtful. This is why we have created this list of gift ideas to inspire you to add them to your Christmas shopping list or to your Christms wishlist for someone else to fulfill!




Candles can be a deeply personal gift and full of meaning. The intention behind gifting a candle is to wish light, hope and warmth in the life of the receiver. They can even provoke memories and emotions associated with the unique fragrances they carry. 




What gift is perfect for anyone and everyone including people you may not know well?

A beautiful notebook. We may feel wary about buying gifts for someone we don’t know or maybe haven’t even met! This is why the notebook is the foolproof gift, that will always be well received. Moreover, the benefits of writing, drawing, scrapbooking are plenty, among them stimulating creativity and concentration and giving a person somewhere to project.


Gift Bundles


Gift baskets are an easy way to please without having to rattle your brain too much. They come as a set and are ready made. You can choose one that you think might be most suited to the person to be sure that they are going to love it!


Blankets or throws


Is there a more perfect way of telling someone you love them than by gifting them a beautiful blanket so they can keep warm? This is one of the best gifts to receive during Christmas, especially if you choose one with great quality fabric to really show how much you appreciate this person!






This may not be for everyone, but certainly when you know someone well and especially people who haven’t discovered the wonders in Zoco Home, they will appreciate this kind of gift that will introduce them to a brand they will love!

Give people what they really want, to choose for themselves, an easy, no-fuss Gift Card is exactly that.