Mi Capricho | Before & After

1 sep. 2023

When it comes to renovating and interior design, every project is special in its own way. Nevertheless, there are some projects that stand out as truly unique, we will take you on a journey through this extraordinary home transformation. Let’s delve into the before and after of the cozy apartment renovation that is Mi Capricho.

The distinctiveness of this project lies in its complete transformation from a slightly cramped and uninspiring space into an airy oasis of subtle luxury and culture. Challenging as it was to do this, completely renovating the apartment to maximise the available space while preserving a sense of spaciousness was a task that required ingenuity and meticulous planning from our Interior Design team.

Understanding the clients' vision for their forever holiday home was crucial in guiding our design choices. The materials used in the main bedroom were carefully selected to bring warmth into the space, emphasising on natural textures and earthy tones. Drawing inspiration from the rich aesthetic heritage of Marrakesh and breezy Ibiza style homes in the open plan closet to completely set it apart from the ordinary. The vibrant colour and rough texture incorporated into the accent wall pay homage to this eccentric and colourful Moroccan style.

Paying attention to detail is an essential part to creating designs that are genuinely inspiring, and in this project our designers paid special attention to the finishing touches of the home.

The gold finish on all the hardware in the home, including light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and decorative accents bring a touch of luxury to the home. You can also find this subtle detail in our classic Zoco Home style outdoor shower on the rooftop terrace, designed with beautiful mint coloured Zellige tiles

The kitchen remodel and renovation of the living room into an open plan design is probably the most drastic transformation in the home. The wall that separated the living room from the kitchen was taken down and replaced with a beautiful island, laid with Ibiza stones that bring the essence of nature into the home. Paired with a couple of our Raffia Bar Stools and custom fitted LED lights under the countertop for cozy evenings with an ambiance.

The blend of various design styles brought together in this renovation project, show how it is possible to mix things up cohesively and in an elegant manner. The infusion of boho decor and ethnic elements into a contemporary setting creates a captivating ambiance that is part of our identity in Zoco Home. As for the final result, the kitchen and the built-in bench are personal favourites of our designers for the way they showcase the marriage of functional and aesthetic design, a principle that defines the entire project.

Our clients were seeking a forever holiday home, a home that would be comfortable but also interactive with the senses and adding a personal touch. The carefully selected wallpapers and accent walls are the standout features of this project and the depth and character that they bring to the space are undeniable. The eye is immediately drawn to them when one enters the room, but at the same time they are not so distracting as to completely overbear their surroundings. The clients expressed to us their love of flamingoes and so the characteristic wallpaper in the dining area was chosen especially to add a personal touch to their home. 

For our design team and everyone else involved, the photoshoot and final delivery of the project to the clients is always the light at the end of a long road. Being able to capture the essence of the client's wishes and the designer's creative vision, to be able to look back at the photographs and see a beautiful portfolio of the journey of this interior design project, Mi Capricho.