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In the world of interior design, certain projects stand out for their ability to seamlessly blend contrasting styles, creating an intriguing and unique atmosphere. Soul Marbella, our latest interior design project by Zoco Home Interior Design Studio showcases just this. Talking with our designers, we gain insight into the creative journey, design styles and features in this eternal holiday home and the distinctive elements that make Soul Marbella a truly special project.

‘Open, Cozy, Modern.’ How our lead designer describes this enigmatic project. The abundance of light in every room creates an open and airy ambiance, an essential feature in any contemporary Mediterranean holiday home. The infusion of cozy elements and ethnic decor to the modern architectural framework brings warmth and intrigue to the space.

"Each room speaks its own language yet it comes together as one style."

This nuanced approach to the interior design of the space allowed for a diverse range of expressions within the home, contributing to a cohesive yet individually captivating aesthetic.


Undoubtedly, it can be challenging to integrate a true bohemian style into a totally modern home in the architectural sense. However, Zoco Home Interior Design Studio has come to perfect this type of hybrid modern-rustic style, successfully marrying two contrasting styles, with harmonious and one-of-a-kind results each time.

Drawing inspiration from various sources such as previous projects and the general atmosphere of the architectural foundations of the property. Above all, we sought after design solutions according to the clients wishes. Seeking warmth and comfort through an abundance of wood textures throughout the home.

Incorporating some of our latest designs in Zoco Home, the Mykonos Modular Sofa, the Mallorca Oak Dining Table and of course the timeless Organic Chair and Round Teak Coffee Tables alongside other custom pieces chosen especially for this project.

A dynamic and above all trustful journey with the client is always the key in these kinds of projects, with continued interaction between designer and client through every stage of project management from conception to completion. Our professional stance towards client relationships is a testament to the strong partnership that is maintained even after the final delivery of an interior design project.

So what's next? Our designers have hinted at many exciting projects on the horizon, leaving us eagerly anticipating 2024 and all the exciting new ventures it will bring.

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