12 jun. 2022

Summer is calling, and we are answering with our just landed Summer Collection! This selection of pieces in this collection unify the bright essence of Summer and the tones and textures that go along with it. Be ready to find a vivid palette and natural, exotic materials that reflect the nature of this dry season.

Raw Materials


When brainstorming this collection, we found ourselves obsessed with representing materials in their raw and natural form. As you navigate through the pieces that form this collection, you will find a thread of continuity and similarity between all the items. Wood, raffia, jute, seagrass, linen, cane, bamboo, cotton, wicker etc. the list goes on! 

What we love most about these kinds of materials is their versatility to combine with each other so flawlessly. You could combine any of these pieces and they will complement each other in spite of their differences.

A particular favourite of how the raw materials are used in this collection is with the Bamboo Outdoor Sofas. The ancient craftsmanship of furniture making using bamboo is shown in these pieces, featuring the same techniques of bolting and structuring without the use of other materials such as metal or plastic. They are truly mesmerising pieces that will sit unique and impressive in your homes.

Tone and texture


There could be a worldwide debate about what colours define the Summer season, and the truth is that it really depends on the day. 

If Summer Collection by Zoco Home was a moment, it would be a vivid, gentle breeze breathing through linen curtains and the cracking sound of dry woven rattan as you sit down. We thought of straw hats, wild dried foliage and walls whitewashed with lime.

We have reflected these feelings in this collection, using especially bright tones and pieces with distinct weave patterns made from different straw-like materials. Each piece gives us that feeling or that memory that reminds us of Summer.

The Terracotta Lamp Shades embody the traditional white Mediterranean houses coated in lime. Albeit they are not made with straw roofs anymore, we love the combination of these two elements!



As our undying love for handcrafted pieces continues, we have brought to this collection a gorgeous array of handwoven articles, between them, a broad selection of baskets. 

You will not be disappointed, and will surely find at least one that would go perfectly in your home

Already a Zoco Home favourite are our Kindia baskets, so versatile and uniquely beautiful that can transform any space. They go especially well in Scandinavian style interiors, to provide some Ethnic contrast.

Whether you want to adorn a corner with a big basket and some dried leaves, or a delicate little basket on your coffee table for miscellaneous items, explore the Summer Collection, and you will find.

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