The Perfect Gifts For You and Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season 

1 dec. 2020

Not sure what to get everyone on your holiday list this year? 

If you have a friend or a family member who is a home decor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year, we have got the perfect ideas for you. Whether you would like to treat yourself and your home this holiday or give a gift to your loved ones, home decor can add a touch of style for years to come. 

As most of us have spent the majority of this challenging year at home, what gifts would be more appreciated and useful right now than gifts for our homes! 

From unique table mats to cozy throw blankets and everything in between. These hand picked treasures are the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones this holiday season, making any house feel more like home. 

More With Wall Decor 

Wall decor is one of the most popular decorative items being used in the world of interior designs.  

If the person you are gift shopping for loves the use of natural elements in their home, then this Natural Wall Deco is the perfect gift for them. They are easy to hang, while adding so much character into any space. 

Natural wall deco

Additionally, if your space is looking a little bland, treat yourself and help bring it back to life with this eye-catching natural wall deco, too. By choosing the right piece of decor, you can transform your home, so this could be your perfect gift. 

Macrame wall deco

Cozy Cushion & Pillows

Yes, this is a classic holiday gift but there’s clearly a reason why pillows and cushions are always going to be a favourite. Our Boho style pillows are a combination of comfort and style, bringing in so much coziness and joy. 

Make your loved ones feel special with a truly homey gift. Not only will this add a sense of warmth but it is also a gift that is very functional as they will be used in any space, throughout the year. 


The Perfect Placemats

Serve up your supper with our unique placemats, perfect for anytime of the year! You can use them as part of your festive table decor and dress these placemats up for the holiday season or simply use them the rest of the year! 

Create an incredible dining experience for the holiday season with our large selection of table mats! Whether you are looking for the more boho or simply a classic look, these placemats will be an excellent gift and addition to the table. 

They are so versatile and can be used in any season! 

Timeless Teak Cutting Board

With a simple yet beautiful abstract cutting board, you will immediately upgrade your kitchen aesthetics. Made out of teak wood and finished with natural sandpaper, this teak wood cutting board will always be a timeless gift to give your loved ones. 

You can use this cutting board for chopping or simply for decorative purposes, like leaning the board against a kitchen backsplash to use as an accent piece. As it is a solid wood, the cutting board is long durable and can be used in many years to come. 

It truly is the perfect gift for a new homeowner or someone who enjoys cooking. 


A Conscious Gift With Coco Bowls

Every coconut is unique!

This beautiful coconut bowl starter pack is the perfect gift for your eco friendly enthusiast or your foodie friend. Handcrafted and created with love, these coconut bowls are perfect for those health conscious minds to enjoy their breakfast bowls, salads and desserts! 

Just imagine the aesthetics as well as being eco-friendly this holiday season.

Feeling a little more generous? Our Coconut Bowl Duo Set will be the perfect gift for your friend this year. 


For The Creative One

It’s that time of the year when we are all searching for that perfect holiday gift, and we have exactly that! 

We all know it is easier to organise yourself when you write it down. So why not help someone on your list to keep on track with their daily tasks with this beautiful leather notebook.

Made with hand cut leather and finished with the hand of Fatima symbol, this notebook is charming in itself and is the perfect gift for those artists, planners and dreamers. 

Beautiful Baskets For The Organised Friend

The beginning of the New Year always seems like a great time to start fresh. And baskets are an excellent way to begin the decluttering and reorganization of the home.

This multifunctional basket set offers an easy storage solution and looks like a decorative piece, too. Made from natural water hyacinth with convenient handles, a stylish texture and comes in a set of two, these beautiful Anak Baskets set is the perfect gift for those who enjoy the fun in staying organised as well as sprucing up their space! 


Boho Banana Wall Baskets 

Give the gift your friend deserves. 

We all know that one boho enthusiast that adores those bohemian vibes throughout their home. This set of three banana wall baskets are the perfect gift to complete the perfect boho look. These baskets add texture to a plain wall and offer an authentic atmosphere to any space.  

Wall baskets are the new trend in home decor so no matter where you live, decorating your wall with baskets can bring a sense of style to your home.



Each basket is individually handwoven, providing that unique charm and guaranteed to impress! 


Wrap Up Warm With Throw Blankets 

We know that gift shopping can be stressful at times. Make your season shopping a little easier this year and gift one of our cozy throw blankets

Nothing says home sweet home like cozying up on the sofa under a warm blanket!  

From linen quilt covers to vintage blankets and pom pom blankets, there is a blanket suitable for the entire family and all your friends.

Throw blankets have evolved into a cozy and functional accessory that every home needs, especially during the winter season where we spend most of our days at home by the fireplace, enjoying a warm drink. 

Throw blankets are the perfect gift for this holiday season as it will be used very often.

Whether you need to buy a meaningful gift for a family member or friend that you are unable to visit this year, or to a friend who is a new homeowner or simply a gift to yourself, we have something special to give this festive season. 

Make sure to put a smile on someone's face this year with these unique gifts. 


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