Villa Marbesa - Before & After Project

7 dec. 2022

Looking back on the year and the many Interior Design projects we have embarked on, Villa Marbesa is one that stands out with its unique personality, coming from the hybrid of sleek Scandinavian design with suggestive Ethnic touches. 


This home is special because of how much it has changed. As you skim through these before and after photos, you will think to yourself: Is this really the same house?! Plainly put, yes. This is the magic of Zoco Home Interior Design Studio and what we can achieve when you put your trust in us!


Before, a dated and incoherent design and decoration, completely transformed into a cosy escape. The main focus was bringing light into the space and getting rid of everything that diminished it. The floors for example, were distracting and dark, and were completely replaced throughout the home with a light grey porcelanic tile. The windows were also expanded to give a more contemporary feel and framed with linen curtains to let the sun shine through.
We reduced the size of the chimney which was overpowering the living room, giving a less is more vibe to the whole space.

Thought of for humble evenings with the family and practical, comfortable everyday use. 



Featuring our iconic Ibiza Linen Sofa in white, it is the ideal piece that doesn’t obstruct other features in the space, or overpower anything when decorating with natural colours and touches of black, which is the case in this project.


The stairs have a custom design, made especially for this client featuring a matte black finish on iron, the black touches are featured throughout the home, and the stairs are replicated in the attic terrace.


Probably one of the most drastic changes in the home has been the kitchen. When you look back at how it was and what it has become: we could not be happier with the result!


Completely renovated, and leaving the kitchen appliances out of sight, has made all the difference. Now renewed with a chic, modern feel, the kitchen continues down the line of natural elements combined with black touches, in tune with the rest of the decoration and design. The porcelanic worktops are in harmony with the floors, and the oak finish of the kitchen cabinets and appliances provide a special contrast.



The dining room had the same chimney as the living room, also dominating the space and not giving room for light, which is key in this area of the home, so it was completely removed and left smooth and minimalistic. Giving room to decorate the walls on the opposite side and adding a beautiful ceiling lamp which would have been lost in the landscape had the chimney still been there.

Both the Binga Basket and the Shezad Ceiling Lamp add a special ambiance to the dining area that can only be created using these kind of unique pieces. Combined with the Sama Round Dining Table and Wishbone Chair, they make the perfect team, cohabiting beautifully together.


The stairs leading down from the main living area have also had an impressive makeover! Having had a door separating them, they are now included in the open plan design of the kitchen and dining area. This change has drastically improved the practicality of this space and given a new lease on life with more space and light to lead you up the stairs. The landing of the stairs has also been widened, providing a luxurious and more comfortable day to day use.


The stairs leading up to what used to be an attic have been finished using the same porcelanic tiles from the rest of the house, combined with the winding staircase they give that old school Mediterranean aesthetic. As you walk up to the top, you find two sunny terraces, and a reclaimed attic made into a spacious guest bedroom with bathroom and most importantly, beautiful views of the sea.

One of the terraces is a completely new space in the property, raising new walls above the roof and creating a recess on the upstairs landing to access. It has added value to the home as from this terrace you get the best views of the Costa del Sol. We went all in with built in benches and the same custom made railings featured in the living room, to create a unique space in the home where you can relax and watch the sunset.


Going from antiquated tiles and a basic design concept, we have completely transformed these bathrooms into minimalistic and practical spaces that emit calmness and peace through their clean design and neutral tones.

The concept was to create uniformity in the bathrooms, so the porcelanic flooring was used for the walls. We wanted the Bali Sink to have the limelight, so custom made shelves were made to fit this piece on top, creating a beautiful stone/wood contrast which you can appreciate in the photos. 

Playing with light sources (the ceiling spotlights, the decorative hanging lamp and the backlit mirror) has given an ethereal atmosphere that veils over these intricately designed bathrooms.


This project has been so special from start to finish, without cutting corners, and delivering the best results one could ask for.

We are so proud looking back at the before and after photos, and can’t wait to continue making things beautiful through Interior Design, our passion. Is your home next?

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