5 Essential Decor Pieces That You Need To Invest In

14 feb. 2023

Ever asked yourself which decor pieces you couldn’t live without? Well we did! In fact, we asked our stylists and designers to give us the ultimate list of Essential Decor Pieces that we should all consider investing in. 


Apart from being inherently aesthetic pieces, rugs are entirely essential to your home and are considered to be one of the best design solutions to room partitioning. The most attractive thing about rugs is their ability to completely transform and divide a space without being too invasive. Not everyone can remodel the architectural foundations of their home, but everyone can invest in the perfect rug that will give the result that you’re looking for. 

The most common examples of rugs being used as a design feature are in open plan living rooms, dining areas and kitchens. Different rugs can be placed in each area to give the illusion of entering into a different ambiance.

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Whether it be natural houseplants or fake ones, you can’t deny the elegance and life that a simple plant can bring to a space.

Furniture, design and even decoration can sometimes feel stagnant and lifeless, even while looking beautiful. Houseplants are a necessary feature in any home, and the good thing is they come in all the colours, shapes and sizes you can think of. Although we are partial to dried foliage as a natural element in our styling; we can’t deny that in some settings, a luscious green leafy plant is just what the design doctor ordered.

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Lighting is one thing, and decorative lamps are something else. You can have the perfect spotlights and ambient lighting in your home and still be able to incorporate this essential feature into your home. For every space in your home, there is a ceiling lamp waiting to be hung up. Bring attention to a kitchen island with a row of hanging lamps for a classy and refined feel. Larger lamps are best used to find the centre and focal point in wide open plan spaces. Lighting in general, sets the mood for each zone in your home, depending on the tone and brightness of the light, and in the medium it is delivered whether they are built in spotlights or novelty hanging lamps.

Bottom left: Raffia Lampshade Bottom right: Tulum Lampshade



Some will have a city's population worth of cushions in their home, while others go for the minimalistic and practical approach when it comes to these controversial decor pieces. Our stylists are also split, however, it is generally agreed that in the majority of conventional homes, decor cushions and throw pillows are the best way to provide a sense of style and express your personality through decoration. You could say that cushions are the most essential, non essential decor piece that you need to start incorporating into your home. Especially those of you who have opted for minimal design and furniture, these little drops of cloudy goodness can really help you add some character and form the lovers of newness change the mood every now and then without it being too intrusive.

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Nowadays it can be difficult to create a unique space in your home, what with assembly line furniture and mass produced decoration. Trends and contemporary design fads are great, there are real professionals behind these campaigns that know what will look great in your home. Nonetheless, no one wants to have a copycat home which is why we insist on keeping those vintage finds or hereditary pieces that have sentimental value. If you are worried about clashing styles, don’t be! Some of the biggest Interior Designers of the world promote contrast in the home, not everything has to match to perfection!

If you are starting from scratch and haven’t found your unique piece/s, be patient, research, and find a piece that speaks to you and tells a story.

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