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Carpets and rugs are more than just a piece of decoration. They present a whole range of benefits like adding warmth and extra colour into your home. Our rugs have been chosen to portray that ethnic atmosphere that completes the look in every home.

Choose from our wide range of ethnic carpets and boho style rugs to give your home that special touch. Remember that rugs aren’t only to be used inside the home. They can become part of your outdoor space, too!

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  1. Boucharouite Rug | 169x85cm - Zoco Home
  2. Boucharouite Rug | 177x117cm - Zoco Home
  3. Boucharouite Rug | 196x107cm - Zoco Home
  4. Boucharouite Rug | 199x112cm - Zoco Home
  5. Boucharouite Rug | 200x98cm - Zoco Home
  6. Boucharouite Rug | 237x116cm - Zoco Home
  7. Boucharouite Rug | 250x107cm - Zoco Home
  8. Boucharouite Rug | 250x90cm - Zoco Home
  9. Boucharouite Rug | 280x110cm - Zoco Home
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