Autumn Living | New Season Collection

27 sep. 2023

There’s a magical feeling in the transition from Summer to Autumn, leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp. The season that beckons us to our sofas to cozy up for the warm embrace of Fall. In the mission to nurture the spirit of Fall, Zoco Home launches its new season collection: Autumn Living

Colours of Fall

This year, Autumn is going back to basics as we embrace rich mustard tones, oatmeal shades and a dash of charcoal and black. Our interior designers have handpicked these shades and we think they will be all the rage this season, especially in home textiles and smaller decorative elements which can be easily incorporated into any existing home decor.

Our collection features the very best of textured cotton throws, cushions and blankets which will instantly cozy up your home and add a touch of colour in our selected palette. Don’t be afraid to switch things up for different rooms, create varying ambiances that inspire different feelings. These colours have been chosen to combine beautifully together in your space.

Warm Feelings

Creating an inviting ambiance in your home is even more important than making it look perfect. Visiting someone's home and feeling like the space is giving you a big warm hug is a priceless feeling. Rugs, in this case, are the huggers in the world of home decor. Considering the tactile design of your home is essential to truly stimulating a certain lifestyle of calmness and serenity in your home. In our Autumn Living collection, we've included a range of rugs for all lifestyles that provoke different feelings of warmth, vitality or peace.

Our Beni Ourain Rugs are of course a season favourite, which for those who don’t know are handcrafted by Moroccan artisans, each a unique treasure, they are super plush and provide ultimate coziness. Additionally, our selection of Jute Rugs adds a natural and rustic style element to your home decor and they are family friendly and easy to vacuum clean. Rugs are not only stylish but also practical, allowing you to create versatile layouts that seamlessly transition from one season to the next. And the feeling they have under your feet? Nothing quite compares.


The connection with nature during this season is undeniable, also the connections to the nature of life. It often signifies new beginnings, the start of a new school year, back to routine life after holidays for many. Wood, the ever-changing material is our metaphoric bond to the natural aspect of Autumn. Among our season offerings, you can find recycled teak and vintage elm wood pieces that complement perfectly to the essence of this season.

Warm, weathered wood that holds character will bring a beautiful rustic aesthetic to your home and add depth to your interior design and decoration.

Savour the Season

Zoco Home is feeding all the senses in this Autumn Collection, with a delicious selection of our gourmet condiments by Nicolas Vahé

These spiced culinary delights are the perfect companions to your at home fall cuisine, with carefully chosen spices and flavours that pair well with traditional autumn foods. Turn your summer barbecues into rich autumnal feasts with our exquisite sauces, spices and seasonings.

Don't forget your FREE TOTE BAG!

You know what else is priceless? That feeling of being stopped in the street by someone who asks where your cute tote bag is from. We’re making your autumn shopping a little bit more special and worthwhile, with a complimentary printed tote bag with orders over 50€, both in-store and online. Our way of saying thank you and welcome to Autumn Living at Zoco Home.