Do This To Create The Perfect Cozy Winter Home

10 dec. 2020

Stay home and get cozy this winter by doing these things in your home.

Every year, as we transition into the colder months, we consider how to make our homes cozier. This year, the thought of creating the ultimate cozy home sounds more appealing than ever before.

For those who love staying home, there's no better time to give your home the warm touch it needs for a cozy winter. If you are still looking for inspiration on how to make your home feel warm and inviting for the holiday seasons, then keep reading! 

Cozy livingroom decor

Here are a few of our favourite tips on how to cozy up our spaces through design and create the perfect winter retreat for you and your family.  

Warm Up With Textiles 

Nothing says cozy like adding more cushions and throw blankets and we are certainly big fans of this idea. Using elements that have texture to decorate a room, will immediately give you the warmth you crave on a winter's day. 

Cozy Winter Home with textiles

They cozy up an empty couch, while adding extra colour, patterns and texture to the entire living room space. Plus, they’re essential when you want to snuggle up and get all comfy when lounging around in your family room. 

Adding a throw blanket will also add vibrancy on your sofa, too! Try doing the effortless blanket drape on your sofa for that ultimate cozy feel.

If you own several throw blankets but don’t always want to showcase them across your sofa, then placing them in storage baskets is the perfect solution. Storage baskets can add character to any space as well as giving you extra storage space. 

Use Softer Lighting

If you want to make your home feel cozier during these long winter days, then upgrading your lighting is the perfect solution. Soft, diffused lighting works best, providing your space with a warmer atmosphere to relax in.

Stunning Shezad seagrass lamp

Additionally, using the right type of lampshades can make all the difference. Try adding the natural styled lampshades into your home. 

Highlight Natural Materials

Using natural materials can instantly make your room feel more cozy, whatever time of the year. Incorporate natural materials, like wood and stone to accentuate the mood you desire, such as soothing and tranquil atmosphere. Try adding some authentic home decor to help create warmth in your space.

Natural wall deco

Create Extra Seating

As we are spending so much more time at home than ever before, adding functional elements to your living space like extra seating is the ideal solution to create a more inviting area. 

Stunning Moroccan pouf is great extra seating for Christmas

Even adding an extra pouf or ottoman can do wonders to your space. They provide comfortable and convenient seating that works anywhere. Every space deserves that extra special unique touch and with their minimal and functional design, they fit well with any interior design.

Finishing Touches Are Essential

Decorating your home is always exciting as it becomes a place where you want to spend more time with people you love. In addition to adding decorating accents, a few extra throw pillows and blankets is sometimes all you need to set the tone of a cozy space. 

Make your space feel cozy and warm by placing several candles around the room! This is such a quick and simple way to boost those warm vibes for the cozy winter nights indoors. 

Be Inspired & Make Your Home Your Own 

The most important part of creating the perfect winter home is by loving your home. Just with a few changes around the house, you can quickly create the inviting place of relaxation for both you and your guests. 



Show off your personality through your interior and everything else will fall into place! 

Scandinavian Boho interior design

We’ve covered our best ideas to ensure you can transform your home into a winter retreat, but what’s next? Explore and shop our cozy home essentials and start living this winter season with nothing but calmness and relaxation in your newly decorated home.

If you have any questions, contact us at and let us help you get the home you wish! 

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