Do This To Decorate Your Home Sustainably

21 apr. 2021

As you may know, Earth Day is right around the corner, so this means we are celebrating Earth week during the next few days.

So what better time to talk about sustainability this week and understanding the best ways to decorate your home sustainably.

We all spend so much time improving and updating our homes, but it is also important to understand your design choices.

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Sustainability is essential for the future of our planet. But what does sustainability look like when it comes to home design? It may sound challenging at first, but with a little help and some design tips from our design team, it is easier to get started than you think.

Firstly, let’s keep in mind that sustainability is more than just being environmentally friendly and aware of your surroundings and our Earth. It is also about understanding what you bring into your homes, such as the type of furniture and home accessories.

Read on to discover how to decorate your home in a sustainable way!

Decorate With Vintage Items

Every interior deserves a unique touch, so decorating your home with vintage items can add both a beautiful touch to your home, as well provide a style that is sustainable.

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Unique and vintage items are handmade and have been made to last. They have a far longer lifespan than large stores selling furniture that may be easily replaceable after a couple of years. Vintage items are designed with care and quality.

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Additionally, the imperfections in the vintage items and pieces of furniture will create a beautiful character throughout your home.

Discover our large selection of unique and vintage items to give your home a dash of authenticity.

Invest In Long Lasting Design

Choosing furniture with sustainability in mind means that you are choosing furniture and that will last a lifetime. And yes, usually the price tag is a little higher but just see it as an investment. Try to invest in high quality furniture items that are built to last.

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That is why our furniture and home decor offer the Scandinavian design as it consistently presents a timeless appeal, as well as sustainability.

Additionally, linen is the perfect material for maximum comfort and sustainability. So if you are looking for an upholstery fabric that is both comfortable and sustainable, then there is no better choice than linen.

Explore our large selection of high quality furniture that will last for years to come in your home.

Choose Sustainable Materials

In order to complete your home, it is essential to use sustainable materials using natural fibers such as linen, wool, flax, bamboo and cotton.

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Wrapping yourself up in cotton towels not only presents a sense of luxury, but these towels are also organic and is the perfect way to add a bit of sustainable self care into your everyday life and your home.

Moreover, using cotton or linen throws are the perfect way to add a bit of sustainability onto your beds, chairs or sofa.

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How We Work And Our Ethically Crafted Products

All our items are carefully handpicked and created by talented artisans around the world, providing your space with memorable items in your home.

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Our goal is to be able to turn your house into a home with items that tell a story through beautiful craftsmanship. We are always committed to ethically sourcing the production of our products, mainly focusing on areas and artisans in Morocco and Indonesia.

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We are passionate about our Earth and our people. Therefore we aim to use sustainable material throughout our designs and for our clients.

Remember that even one person can make a difference, so let that one person be you and #createyourownstories with sustainability in mind with Zoco Home.