Everything You Need To Know About Rattan Furniture

21 jul. 2021

When it comes to choosing the right material for your furniture there are endless options available depending on your style and taste. However, no other choice appears to be as favoured as that of rattan furniture and home decor.

Rattan furniture has quickly found itself to be one of the most popular materials to use for decor and design, both for interiors and exteriors. So let’s dive a little deeper to understand exactly what rattan is, where it comes from and the ultimate tips to making sure your rattan furniture lasts for years to come.


Zoco Home Rattan Chair

Rattan is a naturally renewable vine-like palm, similar to bamboo that grows in the tropical regions and jungles of Africa and Asia. There are many types of rattan but the majority can be identified by its tough, solid stems that can grow to extensive lengths.


When rattan is harvested, it is cut into shorter lengths and left to dry in the sun. These rattan poles can be steamed to shape into curves and then used to create wonderful furniture and decorations.

The outer skin of the rattan vine is peeled off to create material to bind furniture together. Its strength and ease of manipulation have made it one of the most popular of the many natural materials used for weaving.


Zoco Home Rattan Furnitures

Rattans popularity as a material for furniture, both indoor and outdoor is well known. It is able to be bent and shaped, taking on many wonderful curving forms. Its natural look and light colour will instantly brighten a room or outdoor environment providing any space with a welcoming, coastal feeling.

Rattan is lightweight which means it can easily be moved around. Additionally, it is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as humidity and high temperatures and has a natural resistance to insects, therefore being very suitable for outdoor furniture.

But like with any natural materials, it is always important to make sure that it is looked after well. A bit of care will keep the rattan material clean and allow you to enjoy your rattan material and decor for a much longer time.

Discover our favourite rattan furniture and home decor.


Zoco Home Rattan Lampshade

Due to the texture of and look, rattan lampshades give any interior an exceptionally cozy atmosphere, while providing a great decorative piece in your space. Its versatility makes rattan the perfect material to use for a lampshade and is ideal for any home decor from a minimalistic look to a more boho, rustic vibe.

Rattan lampshades are unique, functional and stylish. They can easily become the centrepiece above a dining room table or in the hallway.


Zoco Home Rattan Headboard

Rattan headboards are a beautiful and interesting addition to your bed, giving your bedroom a breath of freshness from nature and an aesthetic boho centrepiece that radiates a warmth into your room.

Each rattan headboard is handcrafted, creating uniqueness and authenticity into any space.


Zoco Home Rattan Chairs

These eco friendly rattan chairs have become a must have in any interior. Using rattan material for chairs provides a look of elegance, embracing nature as well as functionality and comfort.

Additionally, the majority of rattan chairs are excellent pieces of furniture for outdoor use due to its durability. Bring a little nature into your home with rattan chairs.


Zoco Home Rattan Outdoor Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, durable material is crucial, which is why rattan material is one of the most popular choices for outdoor furnishings.

Rattan garden furniture is designed to last throughout all seasons if looked after well. Not only is rattan outdoor furniture durable but its also offers any garden space with a sense of luxury and style making your garden space a great place to entertain guests.


Due to the construction techniques used for rattan furniture, there are a lot of areas where dust can collect. Therefore, rattan furniture should be dusted with an upholstery brush on a weekly basis.

A more thorough cleaning should be done on a monthly basis with a damp cloth and of course, if any stains occur due to food, drinks or mud, it should be cleaned up immediately for long lasting rattan furniture.


Zoco Home Rattan Furniture

It is important not to drag your rattan furniture across the floor. Lift the furniture if possible to prevent the fibre to split and tear.

Additionally, avoid placing rattan furniture in excessive weather conditions or directly in the sun for longer periods of time to avoid colour fading.

Use cushions and pillows in rattan seats to distribute the weight and prevent the rattan from bending too much.

There are many popular furniture materials, with rattan being in the top. Read more to discover the story behind materials used to create a boho styled products.

Now you know all about rattan furniture and home decor, it’s time to upgrade your home with our large selection of rattan items.

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