Let’s Talk About Lounge Chairs

10 mei 2020


A Lounge chair is a piece of sculpture as well as a piece of furniture. The right chair can make a room interesting by its shape and size. Sometimes having a chair that is a little taller or bigger than is expected makes the room more interesting. Chairs set the mood of a room, and every room of the house can use a chair. When you start a room, our feeling is you have to start with the purpose of the room. Is it comfy, studious, restful? Picture what you would see from whichever wall or position your chair or sofa is.


 Walnut design lounge chair with Mali mud cloth 


You can decorate a room completely around a perfect chair or leave the room minimal and have the chair be the center piece. An ornate antique chair is fantastic in a simple contemporary setting. You can search our website till you see the chair that intuitively strikes the right chord. Keep in mind the spirit of the room. How are you going to LIVE in this room? A hallway doesn’t want a comfy chair. However, a living room screams for it. Your furnishings should be complimentary to the way you are going to live in the room.


Natural rattan lounge chair on Beni Ourain rug


Chairs can be a personal statement for a chair often designates the character or status of the sitter. The royal throne is a classic example that defines the sitter as a king or queen. In a happy home, no one would seriously think of occupying grandma’s chair by the fireplace and have her sit on a stool.


Rattan hanging chair is a must


The materials used in the construction of a chair (fabric, wood, paint, upholster etc.) create a definite mood. The material can be symbolic. Teak is stately and strong and traditionally a great wood for chairs, combined with natural rattan it is really cozy.


Natural rattan lounge chair on Beni Ourain rug


Chair fabrics and coverings delight the eye. Using a Ethnic fabric on an antique chair can bring Boho  and traditional deco style at the same time. Upholstery varies in coloring and texture. Leather chairs are favourites with many people. It is seen as masculine but is sturdy, comfortable, and creates a patina with use over time.


Design leather belt chair in cognac color