Summer Collection | New Arrivals

16 jun. 2023

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and you are lying on a beach somewhere... Or maybe you are at home, on your outdoor terrace lying on your brand new Menorca Outdoor Sofa.

Calling all lovers of natural rustic decor and high quality boho furniture! Our Summer Collection has just landed, and we are so excited to show you how we have pieced together our breeziest collection to date. 

The furniture in this collection draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, embracing the clean lines, simplicity, and functionality above all. The understated elegance of the designs combine to perfection with the raw materials in their natural state, all with little to no processing. Materials such as teak, synthetic rattan, and weather-resistant fabrics are used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the surroundings and makes them more practical. 

This design philosophy, combined with some boho decor and good vibes, creates a harmonious blend that will prepare you for a season of relaxation and comfort with the help of Zoco Home.


Inspired to offer more sustainable furniture in our collections, our brand new Menorca Outdoor Sofa Modules is pure sophistication at its finest. Being the prime example of a forever furniture piece that will be a guilt-free part of your home for years to come. 

The outdoor sofa is made up of three different sofa modules that can be mixed and matched to design your own sofa that you can change endlessly! Never again will you have to leave anyone out of your barbecues with space for everyone and easily adaptable to your needs.

Designed to withstand outdoor climates, the recycled teak wood is what gives this sofa value, due to its resistance and also natural beauty. The cushions are upholstered with a water-resistant fabric that is durable and suitable for outdoor use. They are completely removable covers, making it a breeze to wash at home! Perfect for big families with young children and pets.

Enjoy making sustainable choices with this recycled wood sofa.


Add some alternative seating with these stylish outdoor lounge chairs perfect for lazy days by the pool. The Borneo Lounge Chair offers a minimal design, with sharp lines and soft grey coloured cushions, contrasting with the vibrant teak wood structure. The cushions are completely removable and also upholstered with water resistant fabric.

On the other hand, we have the Organic Lounge Chair: a derivation from one of Zoco Home's bestseller Organic Chair which stars in sophisticated dining areas. Like its parent product, this outdoor lounge chair is weather resistant and made from the same synthetic rattan and strong teak wood structure. The interlocking rattan creates a beautiful texture and shadow in your outdoor decor; however, they can also make a charming indoor lounge chair with an extra linen cushion and throw.


In any cozy seating area, some statement coffee tables are a must! Which is why these two sofa tables have just landed in your outdoor space

Discover the beautiful Aruba Coffee Tables made from solid pieces of teak wood, hand carved and into a beautiful minimalistic coffee table that maintains the natural shapes and forms of the wood. They are available in two sizes, making them perfect for combining together to give a layered and put-together look.

The Dalma Sofa Table for lovers of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable furniture. It is made from reclaimed wood, handcrafted and carved in detail. The material and structure is resistant and the design is timeless, making it the perfect piece of forever furniture.

So as Summer rolls around, and our minds escape to sandy beaches, breaking ocean waves, and the warm embrace of the sun, we find the space to bring the Summer vibes into our homes, feeling good about the furniture and home decor we bring into our homes with Zoco Home Summer Collection.