The Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season

14 dec. 2021

There is something magical about the holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner, many of you may still be wondering what gifts to get your loved ones.

If you have a friend or a family member who is a home decor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year, we have the perfect ideas for you. We have gathered a selection of beautiful home decor gifts to help brighten up and refresh your homes.

Home decor gifts are usually not the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of the perfect gift. However, this only makes home decor gifts extra special, unique as well as providing a gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

From unique table mats to cozy throw blankets and everything in between. These hand picked treasures are the perfect gifts this holiday season, making every house feel more like home.

Make your gift shopping easier with our gift guide!


Spoil yourself or a loved one in an array of luxurious soaps and scents with our wonderful gift bundles. All the items have been handpicked carefully by our designers in order to create the perfect gift bundles.

There are three different bundles available, allowing you to find the perfect one:


Zoco Home exclusive Christmas gift

This exclusive gift set offers an array of luxurious beauty items, allowing that special someone the much needed relaxation time they deserve, with a soft cotton towel, beautiful scent diffuser and a variety of soaps.

There is also a beautiful bamboo tray included that can be used as a decorative piece or to place smaller items in.


Zoco Home Spa like gift set

The festive season is closely followed by the wonderful self-care season in January, so help get a kickstart with this beautiful spa-like gift set.

It offers an array of wonderful beauty items, including a beautiful candle, as well as candle holder to set the tone in your bathroom.


Zoco Home Kitchen Accessory Gift Set

Any kitchenware enthusiast will appreciate a kitchen gift, especially this beautiful gift bundle. This gift box includes an array of quality products that will complete those kitchen aesthetics that you've been looking for.

There is an olive wood salad server set that matches perfectly with the olive wood chopping board, as well as a Nicolas Vahe olive oil with lemon to spruce up the kitchen flavours.


Zoco Home table mats

Serve up your supper with our unique table mats, perfect for anytime of the year. You can use them as part of your festive table decor and dress these placemats up for the holiday season or simply use them the rest of the year!

Create an incredible dining experience for the holiday season with our large selection of table mats. Whether you are looking for the more boho or simply a classic look, these placemats will be an excellent gift and addition to the table.


Zoco Home baskets

The beginning of the New Year always seems like a great time to start afresh. And baskets are an excellent way to begin the decluttering and reorganisation of the home. Our large selection of handwoven baskets are the perfect addition.

All our baskets are multifunctional and can be used purely for decoration across your home, as well as for storing away any household items.


Zoco Home Sumba Statues


Sumba Statues are the perfect gift to those friends and family members who appreciate the little things in life. Sumba statues are little Indonesian pieces of art and are ideal to place on an empty shelf offering an authentic touch to any space.


Zoco Home cushions

Yes, this is a classic holiday gift but there’s clearly a reason why pillows and cushions are always a favourite amongst friends and family. Our large collection of cushions and pillows are a combination of comfort and style, bringing in so much coziness and joy.

Not only will this add a sense of warmth but it is also a gift that is very functional as they will be used in any space, throughout the year.


Zoco Home Banana Wall Deco

We all know that one boho enthusiast that thrives on bohemian decor. These banana wall baskets are the perfect gift to complete the perfect boho look in any home. They add texture to a plain wall and offer an authentic atmosphere to any space.

Wall baskets are a hot trend so no matter where you live, decorating your wall with baskets can bring the ultimate sense of style to your home.

These baskets come in black or white, available in three different sizes or as a set.


Zoco Home Throw Blankets

Make your holiday season shopping a little easier this year and gift one of our cozy throw blankets.

Nothing says home sweet home like cozying up on the sofa under a warm blanket. From linen quilt covers to thick pom pom blankets, there is a blanket suitable for the entire family and all your friends.

Throw blankets have evolved into a cozy and functional accessory that every home needs, especially during the winter season where we spend most of our days at home by the fireplace.

Shop our selection of cozy throw blankets and give your home some warmth.

For those who are still unsure of what to get, do not worry! We provide gift cards which are the perfect solution to send to your friends and family during the holiday season. This gives them the freedom to choose their very own Zoco Home items! 

Now that you have the ultimate gift guide it is time to finish your holiday gift shopping and making sure to put a smile on someone's face this year with these unique gifts.