Try These Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger 

4 nov. 2020

In a small space, every corner of the room is important. When designed well, the space can feel so cozy and inviting. But often when you have to cram all your furniture and accessories into one, small space, it can often feel a little confined.

The good news is that the key to a successful small living space might be easier to achieve than you think. It all comes down to creating illusions for the eye into perceiving more space. This can be done by employing just a few tricks such as colour techniques, smart lighting and the use of mirrors. 

Well designed interior gives you more space

Read on to discover the best tricks to make your room look bigger! 

Incorporate The Use Of Mirrors 

One trick to make a small room seem larger is to use mirrors. Mirrors can make your room look so much larger by creating an illusion of depth and space. Additionally, mirrors reflect both natural and artificial lighting which creates a brighter room, too. 

Placing a mirror near a window or opposite a window will reflect the outdoor living and will instantly connect the room with the outside world, allowing more light to shine through.  

Mirror gives more space and light to your room

Our Teak Mirrors can certainly maximise the illusion of space and depth. Full length mirrors leaning against a wall will always be a design trend for smaller spaces. With the frame handmade with teak wood, these beautiful mirrors will bring such style to your room. 

Provide The Space With Light & Neutral Tones

You know how much a new painting project can do to any room, but it is more than just a fresh coat of white paint that will transform your space. Try using light and neutral tones across the space to make your room look bigger.

Light colors create more space to your home

Lighting up the overall tone of your space will do wonders to your room. Anything from replacing dark curtains with lighter ones to switching out some pillows or blankets with softer, calmer colours will create a spacious feeling. 

Discover our large selection of soft coloured textiles that will help get your space looking brighter and fresher, from linen cushion covers to warm throws and blankets. 

Add Larger Accessories

If you have a small room, presenting many accessories across the room often makes the space look cluttered. On the other hand, if you showcase a few large, more simpler accessories, the room will appear more elegant achieving better use of the space. 

Buhera basket is great waty to store things at home

Our Buhera Gourd Baskets are the perfect larger accessory to place in your room. Not only do these baskets give your space that aesthetically pleasing look which portrays a boho vibe, but they are also great for storing any items you may have scattered around the room, like children's toys or a stack of magazines. 

Enhancing With Lights

Bringing a new form of style to a design can easily be achieved by enhancing the space with lighting. Incorporating ceiling lamps with plenty of details draw the eye upwards, adding extra height to the room. 

Try adding our Boho style Lampshades for the ultimate statement piece that every room should have. With these handmade lampshades, your space will be filled with character and authenticity.  

Decorate with stunning boho style hanging lamps

Adding various lighting at different levels like floor or wall lamps can illuminate darker corners of the room and create the illusion of a bigger space, too.

Use Upholstery Linen Fabrics 

Avoid the use of any heavy materials and fabrics that absorb light and weigh down your room. Using linen fabrics is the best option to use in both small and larger spaces. Using linen fabric will create a sophisticated, timeless look which is perfect for smaller rooms. Linen fabric offers strength and durability, so using this fabric on your sofa is ideal. 

Our Linen Sofas will provide your room with so much elegance, giving you a relaxed atmosphere. It will be the new seating area your loved ones will want to chill out in every weekend. 

Linen sofa brings Scandinavian vibe to your living space

Above All, Keep It Simple

Designing small rooms needs to be well thought out in order to maximise the space. The more accessories, colours and patterns you have, the more cluttered it will look. So keep in mind the famous saying ‘less is more’ when decorating and use these tricks to make your room look bigger. 

Will you be using these tricks into making your room feel bigger? 

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