Welcome To Zoco Home’s Interior Design Studio

17 mrt. 2021

Our Scandinavian boho furniture and home decor shop which is based in Mijas, Malaga will expand with an extra 250m2 that will be created into an interior design studio. This space is being transformed into the most unique interior design studio on the Costa Del Sol.

The studio will be next to our store where you can discover our unique furniture, Scandinavian boho home decor and showroom.

Why is Zoco Home Opening a Design Studio?

Design is our passion. Therefore, we want to create the full experience for you in combination with our furniture, together with the ultimate design options for your home so you can visualise and understand the full experience and the process of how we work as an interior design company.

Let’s create beautiful spaces together.

Our talented interior designers will be able to present to you a variety of materials, floorings and tiles that could be used in your projects.

This means you will be able to visually see and decide, together with the help and professionalism of our interior designers, exactly what you visualise in your home.

Our interior design studio will be composed of a talented team of international people. The variety of education, technical know-how, cultural background and a keen eye for design allows Zoco Home to deliver the very best projects.

For years we have been carrying out state of the art projects both locally and internationally and have been involved in residential and commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants and tropical beach bars

Zoco Home Interior Design Projects

Explore some of our best projects

Our goal is to create beautiful spaces with interior design through our commitment to excellence in experience, quality and finishes offering decorative styles that are timeless, fresh, elegant and laid back.

We choose our products carefully adding a personal touch to your home, as well as working with some of the most prestigious materials in design.

What Will You Find In Our Design Studio?

At Zoco Home, we will choose and create the best kitchens with elegant countertops, stunning taps, stylish tiles and flooring, as well as all the necessary accessories in the design of your ideal kitchen.

The studio will consist of a fully working kitchen designed by our Zoco Home designers for you to see what type of kitchens we can create for your home. We also have a large variety of catalogues to find exactly what furniture and home decor items are suitable for you.

Additionally, you get to meet our designers, who will host frequent presentations and small events, where our clients can learn about our projects.

Each space can be custom-made to suit your needs and personality, whether those are your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces and living room.

Zoco Home Interior Design Services

Zoco Home Interior Design Services

Our interior design services are well renowned internationally.

Discover our interior design services here.

When Are We Opening?

We are currently working very hard renovating the studio and are excited to open our doors in April.

Where Is It Located?

Carretera De Mijas 3.6km

29650 Mijas, Malaga

We offer elegant, state of the art interiors for any space and we look forward to you showing you around in our new interior design studio.

If you want to have a virtual personal shopping experience, we can take you through the store in real time where you can discover our authentic furniture and home decor.

This is the new way of shopping and we will be happy to explain more about our projects through a virtual tour.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the virtual shopping and visit our new interior design studio!