What can Interior Design Services offer you? Here are 5 things…

20 okt. 2023

For over a decade, our clients have been trusting us to renovate, decorate and design their spaces. Zoco Home understands the importance of creating spaces that you will fall in love with and that will inspire you in your day to day life. The right interior design can transform any space into a haven of comfort and style. Zoco Home Interior Design Studio is leading interior design and renovation projects across the Costa del Sol and the rest of the world successfully, with happy clients at the end of every journey. 

When you choose Zoco Home, you're choosing high-quality design & products, seamless project management, and unwavering client support that accompanies you every step of the way.


Our team of talented and friendly professionals are what you need to make your dream space a reality. Between our professionals you can find architects, interior designers, decorators and senior sales and purchasing representatives specialised in finding the perfect pieces for your space. The expertise of our design studio is second to none, and will be the key to creating a truly beautiful space, inspired by you.


Our interior design services stand out by offering complete project management services. We specialise in overseeing every aspect of your interior design project, ensuring that everything is executed seamlessly and within set timelines and budget. We offer all the services you need to complete your project from start to finish, giving you an easy, effortless way to transform your home. Just imagine, seeing your beautiful project coming to life and enjoying the process while we do the heavy lifting! 

From start to finish, you can count on us.


Whether you're looking to renovate, decorate or design your home, restaurant or hotel, Zoco Home is fully equipped to handle any kind of project. Our stunning microcement and natural wood kitchens are a huge hit in contemporary homes as you can see from our Project Gallery. Let us help you, help yourself, by bringing you innovative design, quality renovations and beautiful, soulful decoration.


At Zoco Home we love hearing from our clients, staying in the loop and nurturing an ongoing conversation that ensures our clients have a space to share their dreams and visions. Our team provides regular updates with flexibility, and remote consultations. We are happiest when we are connected with our clients throughout the entire journey, offering advice and taking in suggestions and ideas. We want the best option, to also be the easy option for you. 


For Zoco Home, quality is non-negotiable. Our products and services, from furniture for the home to home decor items and accessories, are carefully handpicked by our designers to live in your home peacefully. We don’t compromise on quality, this is one thing you can always count on. We understand that projects are an investment, so whether your project is big or small, restaurant or house, choosing interior design services by Zoco Home will give your property an added value that is difficult to compete with.

Will your project be next? 

Contact us via email sales@zocohome.com, call or WhatsApp us +34 635 546 360 or fill in this form to book a consultation with one of our designers.

Find out for yourself what we can do with your space, and why so many clients are choosing us to deliver their dream spaces. View the Project Gallery.