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With our stools and benches, your guests will always be seated comfortably. Our stools and benches are versatile and easy to maneuver, making space for your guests in the kitchen, dining and living space. They have been made to provide character and comfort.

Shop our wide selection, from natural wood and raffia stools to organic and Scandinavian stools.

Would you like to shop our best sellers? Our Teak Bar Stools provide the perfect balance between the Boho look and Scandi style for your kitchen.

Our Root Stools are made of a solid piece of teak wood and are the perfect piece of furniture to add to any living space. Not only do they add an authentic style, these stools are multifunctional as they can be used as a night table or a side table, too!

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  1. Zoco Home Home accessories Raffia Stool | Natural
  2. Zoco Home Recycled Wood Bench | 120x33x45cm