The Zoco Home origin story has much to do with our current goal as a growing furniture and home decoration brand. Zoco Home’s founding principle was to support and work with artisans throughout the world, sharing their stories through design, with the world.

Inspired by travel across Morocco, Indonesia and other countries rich in culture, Johanna Weckström founded Zoco Home on the foundations of deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, natural materials and the magic of unique pieces.
With 10 years on our backs, now more than ever we are deepening our core values of simplicity and authenticity which are now developing new roots as we look towards an even more sustainable future as we strive to improve our social responsibility as a brand.


Browsing through our collections you will recognise one characteristic that is consistent throughout: beautiful products made using natural materials.

Organic cotton, linens, woven seagrass, recycled wood, jute, bamboo and rattan are just a few of the materials used in our products. Some of these natural materials are more obviously green examples such as recycled wood and certified cottons where the name speaks for itself. However, materials such as seagrass, jute, bamboo and rattan are also widely accepted sustainable materials due to their fast regenerative cycle, low waste production and the traditional farming methods used which are eco-friendly by nature. Not to mention that all these materials are completely biodegradable.


Zoco Home is a proudly woman-led company. Johanna Weckström, creative wanderer who founded Zoco Home in 2013 with the vision of creating beautiful spaces. Today, the Zoco Home family represents cultural diversity, inclusion and gender equality. With a team made up of 17 different nationalities and 59% women. Our women collaborators have active, senior roles in the business that foment growth, creativity and leadership skills.


The importance of women in our business doesn't lie solely within the company but even more so in our clients. With women being 62% of our customer presence, these statistics have a direct impact on our business. Every 6 out of 10 of our clients are women and 88% of our social media community is built up of female accounts.


Zoco Home mainly works with independent businesses with a focus on building strong business relationships with all of our artisans and suppliers so that they can work together towards mutual success. We see the artisans more as partners and have good, long-lasting relationships with them which, in turn helps their businesses develop and generate sustainable employment.




Cudeca is local Andalusian charity offering paliative care across the region. They provide exceptional end of life care and family support to those that need it with a team of professionals and volunteers that do wonderful, inspiring work.


Cruz Roja Española (Spanish Red Cross) is a national charity with operations across the continent.It is an especially important charity in the Mediterranean and Costa del Sol that gives first aid to refugees in maritime emergencies.