How To Shop Like An Interior Designer with Zoco Home

9 sep. 2020

Whether you are someone who loves discovering the latest interior design trends or would rather take a step back when it comes to redecorating your home, it is essential to love the space you are living in. 

Interior design in Cabopino Marbella

You may wonder where interior designers find all these beautiful unique products and what are the best online stores. 

Interior design pages serve so much inspiration and the internet is full of expert advice on how to think and buy like a designer. But with so many options available, it can be quite challenging to know exactly where to shop. 

Unique rugs in Morocco to beautiful lampshades and handwoven baskets, our Zoco Home online store will be your one stop shop to create that aesthetically pleasing home you have always dreamed of having. 

Shezad Tunisian handmade lampshade

If you are ready to freshen up your space, Zoco Home will provide your space with everything you need, from furnishing, home decor and accessories, textiles and tiles for any design space. 

Whether you are shopping online from a desktop or tablet at home, or feeling inspired during your commute back home and decide to shop online through your mobile device, Zoco Home will provide you with the perfect user friendly experience.

Explore our online store and shop like a true designer with these tips from our very own interior designers. 

Nordic Boho style home decor in Marbella

Unique Furniture

Like all designers, they are constantly on the lookout for unique pieces of furniture and decor.

We understand that every person has a slightly different style and ideas for their space. So try putting your interior design skills to work with Zoco Home and have the opportunity of creating your own custom made furniture. 

Custom made Lounge chair with Mali mud cloth

Custom made or unique pieces of furniture are the perfect way to express your personality and make your space one that you, your friends and family will truly enjoy and remember. 

There are so many different styles,colours and textures that it can be difficult to know exactly what you want. That is why we can help you through the process if you need a little guidance and inspiration when furnishing and designing your home. 

Remember that the value of artistry and hand crafted items of furniture will be a valuable investment to your space. 

Finca La Donaira Lounge chairs

Natural Materials

Choosing to incorporate natural materials, such as woods, natural fibers and stones into your home is something that many interior designers love to do. It provides your space with beautiful aesthetics, creating textured looks which are far more cozy and inviting instead of artificial materials like plastic. 

Natural materials in interior design bring coziness to modern living

We truly believe that using natural material offers so much more in your home. Discover our amazing collections of natural furnishings and accessories that will transform your home into something special. 

Try adding a statement piece into your home like our natural Shezad Seagrass Lampshades, handcrafted in Tunisia by artisans of seagrass. These lamps will provide natural warmth into your home and will help bring the natural beauty of the outside world indoors.

Style Up With Wall Decor & Art

Having a space with empty walls can be fairly boring for any individual, but people tend to focus more on furniture pieces rather than deciding to add wall art. 

Our interior designers love to bring some life onto the walls in their projects. Wall decoration can create an ambience that resonates with your personality and style. 

Explore our Wall Decor to create depth and texture in any room. Consider a style of wall art that suits your personality and to spice up the overall tone of the room.  

Binga baskets are great for storage and for wall art
With Zoco Home having both a furniture store and an online shop, there are so many ways we can inspire you with our ethnic and scandindavian style. 

If you are looking to update your home and need some help, get into contact with us. We are more than happy to guide you through the process of updating your property.

For more information contact us on or phone and Whatsapp at +34 635 546 360