Choosing The Right Table and Chairs For Your Dining Space

The dining area can be a big statement in your home. It is the place where friends and family unite. A place where special meals are served and new memories are made. A place where everyone gets together no matter which season it is.

So if you have been eager to revitalize your dining space and give some design love to this area, then now is the perfect time to begin such a project!

Big natural rectangle table great for Nordic Boho decor

Finding the perfect dining table is not always a walk in the park. There are dining tables of all shapes and material that ranges drastically from functionality to appeal. Therefore, choosing the right furniture truly depends on your living situation.

The same goes for choosing the correct dining chairs. Dining chairs are an essential part of any dining room setup. Once you have found your dream dining table, the chairs may feel like a side note and less of a priority. However, choosing the right seating can have a major effect on the overall aesthetic of your dining room, so dining chairs are also an important part of the design. 

We have developed the ultimate guide in how to style and help you choose the right table and chairs for your new dining space.

Natural blank table in Marbella Villa

Understanding What You Need 

First things first, it is so important to understand how you use your dining space and what requirements your dining area needs to meet. Do you spend a lot of time around the dining area, living a bustling family life? Are you investing for rental purposes? Or are you simply looking for comfort? 

If you are looking at it from a practical perspective, choosing a large rectangular table like our Kabira Dining Table with stunning Organic chairs that fit perfectly when under the table, may be the most ideal, especially if you are living in a family home. 

Wooden rectangular table with natural organic chairs

But if style and comfort is your priority then adding padded upholstery on your chairs could be the more preferred option. Take a look at our Corduroy black and Velvet Sand dining chairs to provide that extra style you fancy having in your dining space. These chairs are timeless and provide your space with that ultimate luxurious aesthetic, as well as comfort. 

Wooden rectangular table from Zoco Home dining room furniture package

Understand What You Want 

Now the exciting part begins and you can start thinking about which style fits your personality. 

Would you rather have a more traditional style where the dining chairs match the colour and style of the dining table? Or would you prefer to step away from the traditional style and add some contrast between the dining table and chairs? 

Dining room inspire Malawi chair around big dining table

Maybe you would like to keep a fresher look with the simple Scandinavian design. Whatever the style you have in mind, it is important to understand what type of style you really admire before delving into all the options you have as it can be overwhelming. 

Choosing The Right Dining Table  

Now we know the importance of understanding what you want and what you need when creating the perfect dining space, it is time to move on to actually choosing the furniture. 

Rectangular Dining Table

It is no surprise that the traditional rectangular dining table gets the popularity vote. It is versatile, functional and practical and depending on the size, can easily fit between six and twelve people. It is the perfect table for gatherings, Christmas time, Birthday parties and any other social event.

Our beautiful Suar Wood Dining Tables will provide your dining space with the perfect combination of Scandinavian elegance as well as that atmospheric rustic look. With its uneven edges, it adds an extra bit of charm. 

Suar Wood plank table for dining room

Use Different Head Chairs and Side Chairs 

Using different head chairs and side chairs is perfect for a grand or formal dining area where you have plenty of room to spare. We recommend pairing our Black Suar Wood Dining Table with our Sungkai Dining Chairs for the sides. They are strong, durable chairs which will provide a timeless look and a strong identity for years to come. 

Wooden dining chair for contemporary interiors   Teak cane chair for contemporary interiors

Add our popular Teak Cane Chairs as the head chairs to add extra style and glamour to your space. Notice that both chairs have common features such as the colour but, the actual difference in shape provides the dining area with beautiful finishing touches. 


Round Tables 

Round tables are ideal for smaller rooms as they take up less space and are easier to move around. Round dining tables show off their elegance just as much as the rectangular tables and can be fitted with a single central leg, allowing chairs to fit around the table to accommodate guests in a more comfortable way. 

Made with natural teak wood, our Sama Round dining table brings a fresh design, as well as providing that Ethnic twist, which can compliment any space. This dining table can transform your space into a wonderful area to bring people together.


We recommend matching a round dining table with round chairs. Our Wishbone chairs are the perfect chairs to provide elegance as well as comfort. The curved back legs provide a timeless look for any dining space.

Wishbone chairs together with round table in Higueron West

To complete the look, we suggest one of our Round Jute rugs which brings out natural tones, creating an authentic vibe to your place. These beautiful eco-friendly rugs from India are made out of natural fibers which provides any dining space with a calming, yet stylish atmosphere. 

Higueron West Furniture package including all you need to furnish your apartment

Last but not least, enjoy the process of choosing the perfect dining table and chairs! Remember that every space is different and you need to decide what style suits your personality to complete the home you love. 

White round table in Marbella

If you wish to have more guidance and inspiration on finding the right furniture for your dining space, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us to email us at or by Whatsapp and phone on +34 635 546 360.