Designer Tips To Consider For A Stunning Living Room

Oct 28, 2020

Living rooms are the life and soul of the house, therefore its layout and decor is so important. Living rooms are usually the central focal point, a place we gather our guests or where we choose to chill out after a busy workday.  

There is no denying that decorating can be overwhelming at times. So we have gathered some designer tips you should consider to help you create a stunning living room arrangement.

Stunning living room design from Ibiza

Colour Tones

Using the right colour tones in your space is a crucial part of the decorating process, as it can have a direct influence on our mood.

Achieve the Scandinavian look by embracing a neutral colour palette. An effortless blend of white and beige will create so much spaciousness and light with a timeless appeal. Using neutral colours work best when other elements in the living space are also kept neutral. 

Interior design in Marbella

Design Tip:

We recommend using a white or lighter natural colours as a base on the walls. With that you can begin adding more textures to create a more appealing look across the space. 

Style Your Space With Sofas 

Undoubtedly, your seating area will be the biggest investment and most important piece of furniture in your living room, so comfort is essential when choosing which sofa to purchase.

But arranging furniture is something that requires some form of planning. There are certain things to consider when designing the sofa area; like choosing a focal point, for example the fireplace, television area or windows. Additionally, it is important to create a conversation area and consider the flow of the entire space for when you have guests over.  

White linen sofa
Our Ibiza Linen Sofas will be the perfect choice for you. Not only do they provide such elegance but with their soft linen fabric, you will just want to sink into these sofas. Alternatively, our new Tulum Linen Sofa can also offer your space that timeless look.
Tulum linen sofa
If character is what you are looking for, then boost your space up by adding our ethnic Walnut Mali Armchairs. This will be the statement piece of furniture in your room as well as adding comfort. 
Ethnic Boho style Walnut lounge chair
Design Tip:

Sofas and chairs are often the largest items of furniture placed in a living room, so it is essential to understand the space that you have by measuring before purchasing any sofas or chairs. 

It can make all the difference if you just spend a little more time on finding the right way to place your furniture.

Light It Up With Lampshades 

Every room in your home should be enhanced with beautiful lights. When choosing the lamps for your interiors, it is important to consider what type of lampshade will look best with the setting as well as providing your space with maximum functionality. 

With so many different lights available, it can be difficult to choose what would suit your space best. Firstly, choose a lampshade that complements the colour of your living room. 

Scandinavian Boho decor with Linen sofa

If you are following the neutral tones, then adding some character with a boho styled lampshade may be just what you need to spruce up your space.  

Alternatively, if your living room overlooks stunning views, you need a lamp that won’t overpower the space. Our Tulum Lampshades are the perfect fit as they will not block the view of your outside space. 

Designer Tip:

Your lamp shade doesn't always need to be in the center of your space. Try thinking outside of the box and explore all the ideas and opportunities that can work for your space. 

Boho style lampshades to give cozy vibe to your living room

Additionally, why have one lampshade when you can have two, right? Our designers love to use two or more different lampshades next to each other, that are slightly different sizes to create a more interesting and appealing space. 

Discover our large selection of lampshades from boho styled to scandinavian, we have something to light up your space. 

Decorate Your Walls

Empty walls can often make a space feel unfinished, that is why we recommend decorating your walls with some art.

Jungle wall art to create Boho vibe

Having art on your walls is a way to express your personality. It is that finishing element that can help pull any space together. Explore our large selection of wall decor and art to provide your space with character. 

Our wall decor varies from contemporary styled decor to beautiful handwoven pieces of art that create that perfect boho vibe.

Binga basket on wall

Decorating and transforming your dream living room does involve time and creativity but it's definitely worth doing, especially during these challenging times. Remember that the new going out is staying in, so it is the perfect time to get a little creative with your living room.

Living room styling

You need to have a place where you can express your style and feel safe with your friends and family. 

Whenever you are stuck with inspiration, we can help you with ideas and guidance. You can also have a look at our interior design services. 

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