Everything you need to know to do a makeover with Scandinavian-Boho style décor

Definitely if there's one way to identify the patterns of interior design, we'll see more than anything like Boho and Scandinavian styles in 2021. Although the iconic styles of 2019 & 2020 and early activities like accent walls and all-white kitchens won't go away forever, they will definitely change over the years to come.

Let’s reel back for some time and remember the ultimate beauty the Scandinavian and Boho style is…

Nordic Boho Decor

It’s all about being relaxed, easy, pure and yet completely functional. Being originated in the coldest areas of the country, the Scandinavian style involves items of furniture constructed of wood, plain lines and tones influenced by fjords. This may be a very severe theme, but it's also a very nice one.

One of the fundamental concepts of the Scandinavian architecture is that of symmetry. And imagine this minimalistic approach with artsy Boho spark.

However, the hottest trends interior style at the present time is actually a mixture of these 2 gorgeous decorative moods. In fact, these two styles are far more prevalent than they seem to be:

In reality, Scandinavian slash Boho Style is a trendy mixture of both: Scandinavian elegance and clarity, plus the imaginative and intricate artsy touch of the Bohemian interiors. But don’t we just adore this look?

Nordic Boho Home Decor and Interior Design in Marbella

Today’s deal is all about Scandinavian style with amalgamation of Boho chic. We absolutely adore this contrast because the Scandinavian interiors can look kind of icy and the boho vibe adds a snuggly and warm feel to the room. This concept is also ideal if you love minimalism but want to add a little more texture and color to your home!

We’re going to show you how to get the ideal Scandinavian-Boho look in 4 to 5 steps, plus enjoy some lovely inspirations! And you can pull your inner Nordic out to build a quiet, stylish home that's put through nature, Bohemians are travelers – in fact or in essence.

And if you think about it, these two designs have different features in common: a lot of green indoors, natural materials, rugs with an eclectic taste, and these are the two styles that make the perfect match, the so-called "Scandinavian-Boho." Suitable for all who love Scandinavian simplicity, all in all, but also at the same moment dread too cold an influence, and want to keep the world inviting with a vibrant and uniqueness and originality with Boho warmth.

1. White walls

Begin with a white wall and then operate with various layers. White walls of the Scandinavian theme are also the starting point of the Scandinavian-Boho theme, which is simply a far cozier and less simplistic variant of the Scandi model.

It begins with a white backdrop palette, and then operates on various textures and colors with furniture and accessories. The overall white walls of the Scandinavian design are often the baseline of the Scandinavian-Boho theme, is really nothing more than a more inviting and far less simplistic edition of the traditional Nordic design.

Scandi Boho style linen sofa and Interior design in Marbella

2. Mystic artifacts and memorabilia

The secret to every boho household is the blending and matching of distinct discoveries, classic and multi - cultural artifacts, rare memorabilia, rich fabrics, Moroccan tapestries. But the Scandinavian influence is apparent in the particular manner that items are placed: they are not merely thrown together arbitrarily, but their positioning is deliberately chosen and always arranged around the same palette or pattern.

The hallmark of the bohemian interiors is the mixing and matching of unusual, antique, multicultural, uncommon pieces, rich textured fabrics, rugs. But what the Scandinavian touch brings is in how they are placed in space: not arbitrarily, but with considerable attention and always organized on the basis of a cohesive color palette.

Boho home decor accessories

3. Neutral soft tones

The Scandinavian type of design makes heavy use of neutral colors and soft colors because it is simple and minimalist.

Apply a lot of soft colors to the decoration. The approach to attain so is by leaving the walls white or neutral, use a combination of creative natural material and traditional furniture.

Put in designs and paint bursts to create a Bohemian Living Space. Bohemian design, on either side, is more about shapes , textures and vivacity. To combine it with the modern Scandinavian theme, you can use accessories and decoration pieces to bring more colour to your Bohemian living space.

Nordic Boho Bedroom Decor and interior design in Marbella

4. Strike the right balance between soft and Harsh

The challenge is to attain the ideal compromise and balance between both design styles. You have to incorporate the correct amount of soft tones and combine them with a appropriate number of light colored accessories and designs.

Nordic Boho Home decor tones

5. Natural resources on the block

All the designs we deal with here allow good use of natural resources such as timber, jute, wicker, etc. Integrate a ton of these into a collection of accessories and furniture. This provides a gentle sound that holds the neutral that earthy sounds moving. In Scandi Boho items are deliberately chosen each one of them tells a tale and takes the spirit to an otherwise hollow space.

White natural Nordic Boho decor


6. Carpets and rugs

Another feature of this design is sheet rugs. Scandinavian design does not have wall-to-wall carpets, but rather includes a number of rugs – more friendly ones, however. Bohemian furniture is more about the use of vibrant, bright, patterned rugs.

You can also layer rugs and produce amazing results. When layering rugs, the safest technique is to place a colorful rug on top of a more neutral one, for example a jute rug, What that means is, the more enjoyable and patterned the rug emphasizes the region in which it is used, while the neutral rug below enhances the comfortable feeling of a rug without interruption.

Boho style colorful rug and deco, photo by Paulina Arcklin

7. Comfy seating

The Scandinavian theme is mostly about usable spaces and design versatility. Both cramped bits and merely decorative furniture are not often seen.

Though the Bohemian form is very comfortable and able to vibrate with it. And what it means is that convenient seating is a big part of combining these types of design.

You may use hanging swings, pouffes and floor seating arrangements to create a relaxing and friendly environment.

The goal is to build an welcoming and relaxing room with practical and clear areas.

Boho style big linen sofa

8. Attach a lot of plants

Plants are an essential aspect of the boho feel. They give a natural dimension to the design and a lot of life and colour to the interior spaces. Use wicker baskets for planters to appear fantastic with this furniture.

The entire urban jungle theme is really going underway, so adding plenty of plants to all your home decor is perfect.

Boho decor banana plant and Moroccan decor, photo by Paulina Arcklin

9. Let it be in the natural light

No Scandinavian bohemian home is full without a light hanging silk pendant overhead. They light up every room with a softly moody glow, although their exclusive style is a luxurious button. Attach a rustic dimension of rough wood furniture and uneven chairs.

Aside from the neutral / warm lamps that are used, the nature of the Scandinavian and Bohemian type is largely focused on natural light flowing in. Make the windows open and the natural light in. Use sheer curtains or all white curtains support, because it allows a lot of space to keep it light.

Casa Cook decor and inspiring Interior Design

(Photo by Casa Cook Rhodes)

Apart from natural light, using warm light for all lamps and other lighting throughout the house.

By choosing a style where everything in the room works together, you are in effect creating harmony. And where there is harmony, there is peace and comfort. It will give a good feeling to the room because everything will work together.

We wish you much peace and comfort in your home. May you find a furniture style that is functional, beautiful and an expression of your personality.