Find The Perfect Outdoor Home Decor And Furniture

Apr 13, 2021

Spring has arrived and terraces will soon become the most lavish thing to have during the warmer months. We can decorate the inside of our homes all we want, but decorating your outside space will complete your home.

So now is the perfect time to refresh and upgrade your terrace. Whether you plan to decorate your space that is a large area or a small balcony in the midst of the city, we have gathered some of our favourite outdoor furniture and decor for you!

From small decorative items to unique furniture pieces, these all add up to a significant makeover to your outdoor and home in general!

Read on and be inspired on how to transform your outdoor space from top to bottom.

Light It Up

Firstly, you can easily spruce up your outdoor space by adding some stylish lighting.

Zoco Home outdoor furniture and lampshades

If you have a covered terrace, our Tulum Lampshades will be the perfect addition if you are looking to add that boho touch to your space. These hanging lamps are a beautiful way to accent any space!

The Tulum Lampshades are traditionally handmade by artisans and can be hung from the ceiling over your outdoor seating area. The beautiful design of the lampshades allow the light to pass through while keeping that cozy atmosphere during the summer evenings.

These lampshades radiate a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, which is ideal for a covered terrace. Use a warmer light bulb to amplify the coziness.

Discover our Tulum Lampshades.

Stylish Seating

Great outdoor furniture brings comfort and function to your home and it allows your indoor rooms to move outdoors.

Zoco Home outdoor furniture, Amaya sofa

We can all agree that one of the most important features of an outdoor area is the seating. You can have all the comforts and conveniences of inside outdoors with this beautiful Amaya sofa and let it become your new favourite space of the home.

Our beautiful Amaya Sofa offers nothing but simplicity and elegance. The sofa is made from reclaimed teak wood which gives your space and rustic feel and authentic touch. Additionally, the material of the cushion covers are made from polyester which is the ideal material to use for outdoor cushioning.

This sofa can be easily integrated into every decor style, whether you are looking for a more boho look or would rather stick to a more Scandinavian style outdoor terrace.

Zoco Home outdoor furniute, Amaya Sofa with white cushions

Additionally, the material part of the furniture can be selected in either black for a more chic look or choose white for a fresher, more boho style.

Discover our beautiful Amaya Sofas.

Around The Table

When the warmer days are in sight, taking your dinner outside to your patio table is essential. It is also an extension of your indoor living space so having an outdoor table is a must for 2021!

Zoco Home Outdoor Borneo furniture table

Our Borneo Outdoor Table provides you with the perfect dining experience. This stunning outdoor table is made with high quality solid teak wood reinforced with iron planks making this table long lasting and durable for outdoor use.

Zoco Home Outdoor Borneo Table

The solid wood provides a rustic look while the black painted iron crossed legs give it that sophisticated touch. It is the perfect mix between a modern and rustic style, with an industrial touch.

Discover our Outdoor Borneo Table.

Sit Back & Relax

Zoco Home Marrakech seagrass sunbed

Enjoy a well-deserved nap or simply relax after a long day on our Marrakech Sun beds. These beautiful sun beds are made out of seagrass and can be the key decoration to your terrace, allowing you to create your own oasis in the comfort of your own home.

These sun beds have been handmade in Morocco and can ultimately create those tropical summer vibes.

Discover our Marrakech Sun Beds.

Functional Accessories

Towels are the perfect accessory to place in your outdoor space to add both style and functionality!

Zoco Home Fouta Towels

Our fouta towels, also known as Hammam towels are made of 100% cotton. Use it to drape over a chair, outdoor seating area or simply wrap it around you on those chilly evenings when relaxing outdoors allowing you to enjoy the spring.

Outdoor & Terrace Furniture Packages

Zoco Home Outdoor and Terrace furniture package

If you are unsure how to transform your outdoor space and need some assistance, we offer beautiful terrace packages that will complete your home.

What's included in the terrace furniture package?

Each package is entirely customisable to fit your needs and wishes. Our standard terrace package consists of a dining table, dining chairs and hanging chairs.

Zoco Home Outdoor and Terrace Furniture Package

Now that we have given you ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space, you can start redecorating! If you have any questions or need help sprucing up your space, then feel free to contact us!

Let’s create beautiful spaces together!