The Beautiful Story Behind The Iconic Wishbone Chairs

Trends come and go but some design elements stand the test of time because they remain as relevant today as the time when they were originally invented. A true design classic has a timeless appeal that can be welcomed into any home with almost any interior design style.

The Wishbone Chair is one of these classic designs and still remains as an iconic piece of furniture around the world. We look into the beautiful story behind the iconic Wishbone Chairs and why they are so admired by all.


History of Wishbone Chairs

The Wishbone Chair, which is also known as the CH24 or the “Y” chair was designed by the famous designer Hans J. Wegner who is often referred to as the master of the Danish chair design. He originally started his career as a cabinet maker but quickly became a Danish design icon with his chair designs.

The Wishbone Chair is instantly recognisable and associated with the Danish style, although originally, Wegners inspiration was drawn from the thrones used by Chinese emperors’ in the Ming dynasty. These thrones consisted of a minimal design with a wide seat and high backs.

History of the wishbone chairs

The chair first appeared in 1949, when it was specifically designed for the Carl Hansen & Son furniture company as a lighter piece of furniture instead of the heavy, upholstered chairs which were popular at the time. Since then, the Wishbone Chair has been in continuous production since 1950.

Hand J. Wegner soon became a legendary figure in his home country, a world famous furniture designer and also helped to establish Denmark as an international leader in modern design.


Zoco Home Wishbone Chairs

The design of the Wishbone Chair was refined down to the essentials only, creating a piece that is very minimalistic and pure. To this day, the chair remains true to Wegners original sketches and drawings.

The chair is designed in a way that is light, visually appealing with its organic shape as well as offering outstanding comfort and stability. It has a modern, yet classic look and as you can find this style in a variety of colours, they can feel entirely unique to your space.

Design of Wishbone Chairs

The Y-shaped back, curved arms and hand woven seating of the beautiful Wishbone Chair has become highly popular amongst designers and can be seen everywhere from cozy farmhouse dining rooms to modern minimalist kitchens.

Although designed in the simplest and purest of forms, the production takes over 100 steps to create each Wishbone Chair, most of which are done by talented craftsmen using quality wood and spending hours weaving each seat offering nothing less than quality and comfort.

Having handcrafted items offers your space exceptional quality and uniqueness.


Zoco Home Wishbone Chairs

As the chair continues to offer a classic, modern look, its versatility allows itself to be incorporated into many styles. Even though it is most often associated with the Scandinavian, minimalistic look, the hand woven seating and wooden frame allows the chair to provide the space with a boho touch, as well as being coastal or industrial.

Zoco Home Wishbone Chairs

The excellent design of the chair and its timeless form have continued to grow in popularity. Each piece has a delicate story woven through it and will always be a unique piece of furniture that can be appreciated and cherished for a lifetime and passed on to generations.

Remember that all our items have a story to tell and our Wishbone Chairs have been inspired by the original design from Wegner.

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