Take A Look At Our Best Sellers Last Week

Yes, we know that Valentine’s Day is over but that does not mean we have to stop sharing the love! We believe anyone in your life who means the world to you should be celebrated all through the year.

There’s always the classic flowers and chocolates as the best gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day but we have quickly seen a shift in trends where the more and more gifts involve items for the home. Memorable gifts that will last forever especially for interior design enthusiast friends and family.

So we are giving you something positive to celebrate. We want to continue the generosity and love with you by sharing the Zoco Home items you fell in love with this Valentine’s.

Explore our best sellers and enjoy a special discount on these items! Upgrade and transform your home today!

PomPom Cushions Covers

White PomPom Cushion Covers Zoco HomeZoco Home Pom Pom Cushion Covers

It’s no wonder that these PomPom Cushion Covers were a top favourite! PomPom Cushions are a great way to jazz up any interior and the perfect gift for anyone. With its delicate pompoms around each of the cushions edges, they instantly add a soft touch to your home.

These PomPom Cushion covers are carefully handwoven with cotton by Moroccan artisans, providing an authentic touch to your home.

Treat yourself or your loved ones with these PomPom Cushion Covers. These beautiful cushions are available in sand colour, grey and white.

Raffia Table Mats

A simple, yet very effective way to add personality to your dining table! These natural Raffia Table Mats are handmade and will create a natural touch to your dining space.

Zoco Home Raffia Table MatsZoco Home Raffia Table Mats Inspiration

If you are thinking of a gift, Raffia Table Mats are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves to bring a little bit of boho into their homes. They are a well-thought out gift, which can be used everyday for any occasion.

Adding these Raffia Table Mats is a symbol of style and can easily turn any table into a wonderful setting for that special dinner or important lunch.

Mini Tagine

Mini Tagine Zoco Home Zoco Home Mini Tagine Accessories

A tagine is a traditional Moroccan cooking pot made of ceramic with a cone shape, so if you enjoy a bit of authenticity in your home then our Mini Tagine pots are the best gift.

These Mini Tagine pots are perfect to serve spices and sauces, as well as adding a splash of style on your dining table. Every mini tagine pot is unique and handmade with care and that is why they were one of our best sellers last week. The Mini Tagine pots are the perfect gift for those who enjoy Moroccan traditions and cooking!

These are available in black and white, as well as grey and white. Mix and match the two and create an aesthetically pleasing dining experience for your guests!

Banana Wall Deco Baskets 

Banana Wall Deco Baskets are so versatile and can be placed anywhere around the home, whether on a table, shelf and hanging on the wall.

Zoco Home decor banana wall deco

Banana Wall Deco Zoco Home

This set of 3 will look so stylish on a plain wall that needs a splash of character with a touch of boho. This set of 3, small, medium and large, is perfect for your cozy home or as a gift to anyone who admires a timeless style.

Every basket is individually handwoven from banana leaves and cotton by Indonesian artisans.

These Banana Wall Deco Baskets are available in both white and black.

Fatima Hand Cutting Board

Handmade in Indonesia, these Fatima Hand Cutting Boards will transform your kitchen into a work of art. Each cutting board has been carefully carved into the Hand of Fatima.

Fatima Cutting Board Zoco Home


These cutting boards are functional and stylish. No matter what you decide to use these Fatima Hand Cutting Boards for, you will adore how they look and perform, whether they are used in the kitchen or simply as a decorative piece.

The perfect gift for your special friend!

So there you have it; the Zoco Home best sellers from Valentine’s. Treat yourself or share the love with your friends and family. It is never too late to give or receive unique gifts, especially for the home.