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Zoco Home Valentines Gift Guide

The Perfect Home Decor Gift Guide This Valentine’s

If you are still wondering what to get your partner this year, we have you covered! From authentic home decor and beautiful Scandinavian boho styled furniture, there is something for everyone.

Valentine's has become a day where we express our love and affection to our loved ones and every year we wonder what to give our other half for Valentine’s Day. There are so many gifts you can buy, that it can be quite challenging to choose the perfect one. Of course, there is always the traditional chocolate and flowers, but changing it up and choosing a gift that can be both stylish and functional that lasts for years to come is the perfect solution.

If you are still wondering what to get your partner this year, we have you covered! From authentic home decor and beautiful Scandinavian boho styled furniture, there is something for everyone.

We have gone through our selection of boho decor and home furnishings and found the best gift ideas for 2021. With that being said, these gifts don’t specifically need to be just for Valentines. It can be for everyone and any family member or friend who deserves a bit of generosity and would love to upgrade their space.

Start exploring and discover these beautiful hand-picked gifts. Your loved ones will want to display your gifts to them all year long!

Warm Up With PomPom Blankets

PomPom Blankets

A PomPom blanket is a simple yet beautiful way to add a dash of personality into any space. These super soft, delicate blankets with PomPoms on either side of the blankets will drape beautifully on a bed, sofa or chair and will keep you warm during the cooler months!

These PomPom blankets have been ethically made in Morocco and are 100% hand woven from cotton. They have been designed to become a home accessory as well as the perfect gift.

These blankets and throws are available in grey for a more chic transition or in white to provide a bright and spacious feel to any room.

Add Authenticity With Sumba Stone Statues

Zoco Home Sumba Stone Statues

Add a unique and authentic touch to any home with these Sumba Stone Statues. These stone statues are from the beautiful Island of Sumba in Indonesia and are hand carved by local artisans.

Traditionally, these Sumba Stone Statues are placed around the entrance of the tribe's huts to protect the people living there. Every statue is unique and is the perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones!

Get Cozy With PomPom Pillows and Cushions

Pompom Pillow Cushions Zoco Home

If you are looking for an instant room refresh then you can transform your space with these PomPom cushions! They are a fun addition to any room and add extra texture into any design space, perfect for a sofa, chair or bedroom!

These stylish pom pom cushions covers are traditionally handwoven in Morocco from 100% cotton and finished with PomPoms at each corner giving any room a warmer atmosphere.

These PomPom pillows are available in grey and white.

Design With Wall Decor

Natural Wall Deco Zoco Home

Wall decor is one of the simplest ways to add decorative pieces and is the perfect gift for someone who is looking to add some style into their homes. These handmade Natural Wall Decor pieces will become a style statement that can give any home an excellent style.

Every room should have a focal point that will instantly draw the eye into the space. Therefore, having exactly why having wall decor creates the focal points that will look perfect.

Style Up With Baskets

Baskets are multifunctional and can be used purely for decorative purposes throughout your home as well as for storing any household items, from books, children’s toys and blankets.

Zoco Home Beaded Rattan Baskets

For smaller items like keys, accessories and makeup, our Beaded Rattan Baskets is the perfect gift for an organised person.

Our Anak Baskets will add extra style and texture into any space, whether that is for storing towels in the bathroom or blankets in the living room!

Each one of our baskets have been handcrafted and offer a unique space.

Light It Up With Fira Boho Lampshade

Every home is complete with stylish lighting and every interior design lover deserves to be gifted with unique lampshades.

Fira Boho Lampshade

Traditionally made in Indonesia from rattan, these Fira Boho Lampshades are the perfect gift for those interior design enthusiasts who enjoy a unique sense of style in their homes.

Treat yourself with one of these home decor gift ideas. Whether it's to mark an important date or to simply bring a smile to your significant others, you’ll be able to give them memorable gifts that will last a lifetime.

Get your gifts today! Remember giving and receiving gifts is not just for Valentines day. So keep this gift guide in mind for any time of the year to give the perfect gifts.