5 reasons why clients are choosing our Furniture Packages

26 dic 2023

In an age of convenience, where people value their time and money more than ever, the way we are shopping for furniture is evolving. Zoco Home has found a way to offer easy interior design services to our clients who are looking for an effortless home transformation. Our pre-selected furniture packages offer an easy, one-stop furniture solution for our clients’ interior design needs. Why else are our clients opting for this interior design alternative? 


No more running from store to store trying to choose pieces that provide functionality but are also cohesive. Furniture Packages have been made to fill the gap between personal shopping and interior design. All you have to do is find a package that you really love, and just like that, our team will deliver your turn-key home transformation with no hassle. Clients are already transforming their homes in just a few clicks or a visit to our showroom, why couldn’t this be you?


Creating a cohesive interior design by yourself is not easy. Just the idea of having to visit multiple stores, browsing through endless options and having to take multiple trips just to fill one room in your home, is daunting enough to put anyone off the whole idea. By choosing our interior design services and our furniture packages, clients are saving their valuable time by letting us do heavy lifting! Extra time that you can then spend enjoying a beautiful new home.


Zoco Home furniture packages offer a set discounted price on each package compared to buying each item separately, making it an attractive option for people looking to maximise their budget. Not only this, but now we are offering -10% EXTRA OFF YOUR FURNITURE PACKAGE! Quality and production standards are at the heart of Zoco Home, which is why our furniture packages include some of our bestselling furniture pieces such as the Ibiza Linen Sofa and the Suar Dining Table. Zoco Home furniture packages do not compromise on quality.


Put down that screwdriver! Forget about having to DIY or hire someone to assemble all your furniture, Zoco Home logistics and services team offers complementary delivery and installation of your furniture package in your home. Our team of professionals will accompany you throughout the entire process, from helping you configure your furniture package to that it is delivered and installed adequately in your home. 

*In Costa del Sol area


Lets face it, we might feel like interior designers when we’re scrolling through our pins, watching endless DIY videos and saving every before/after post, but the truth is there is nothing like having a professional interior design team backing you all the way. Creating a beautiful, functional and harmonious interior is an easy task for Zoco Home, with our furniture packages and interior design team. Our carefully curated furniture packages have been handpicked by our interior design team to bring harmony to the home and fill each room with beautiful, soulful furniture. With a wide range of styles available to choose from; a haven of Scandinavian design, boho decor and ethnic elements. 


Will your home be the next to be transformed with one of our furniture packages

We are offering -10% EXTRA OFF YOUR FURNITURE PACKAGE! Contact our sales representative to get your discount, on WhatsApp: +34 635 546 360 or via email sales@zocohome.com.