Make your kitchen beautiful and practical with these 5 tips!

19 oct 2022

Open Shelves

Why have beautiful kitchenware if you can’t flaunt it? Not only is it practical, keeping everything you use at arm's length, it gives you the freedom to be creative with your kitchen accessories, from the stoneware you choose to how you organise them.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up and combine your home decor accessories with your kitchenware! Some culinary herbs in clay pots, or a draping pothos plant will give this space that extra freshness that only natural plants can give!

Our White/Brown Stoneware collection is perfect for displaying on your beautiful shelves, and its neutral tones will combine with anything else you want to put on it.

kitchen accessories

Bar Stools

No kitchen is complete without some great bar stools. These pieces are the summit of sophistication and elegance that will instantly give your kitchen the edge that you were missing. You can choose a classic design that is easy on the eye and timeless if you already have emphasis elsewhere, or you can go for a bolder choice that will break the sameness in a boring kitchen.

Whatever your setup is, you can’t go wrong with a solid wood stool, with a smooth contemporary design. Our current favourite: the Sama Bar Stools.

bar stools black scandinavian kitchen

Unique Kitchenware

Who said pots and pans were only practical? We believe that you don’t have to compromise on functionality and beauty, you can always have the best of both worlds.

The foundation of any kitchen is a stoneware collection that says something about you, or simply one that you love to look at and use, this way you can easily incorporate it into your personal aesthetic.

If you really want to go the extra mile, splash out on some novelty pieces, or pieces that tell a story like our authentic Chapati Boards. Traditionally used for serving Chapati bread in India, they are exquisitely hand carved into wood and will make a unique addition to your kitchenware collection. 

nice kitchen boho style
unique kitchenware


Something that is completely non-negotiable in a kitchen is plenty of storage space, and even though we LOVE open shelves and for things to be visible, there are some things that are best kept tidied away in a drawer or in a decorative storage basket.

Baskets are the best way to hide things away when you don’t have built in storage or your drawers are full! Use them to keep your neatly folded napkins, tablecloths and tea towels, or to protect some delicate china. And nothing is more beautiful and useful than a handwoven basket!

Explore our wide range now. 

small storage kitchen

Pendant Lamps

Pendant lighting = Ultimate style. Nothing says chic more, than a couple of low hanging pendant lights above a gorgeous kitchen island. They are literally the halo on top of your kitchen, bathing your space in a warm mellow light. We opt for textured lamps to contrast in modern kitchens that can sometimes be cold and lifeless. By incorporating earthen elements, you will find that it will make a world of difference and really give you a bit of warmth and zeal that may be missing from your space.

Find your next lighting instalments in our pendant lamp collection, and make sure that you match your chosen lamp with the pendant cable, now available in black, white and natural jute.

pending lighting kitchenkitchen microcement