The Best Tips To Cozy Up Your Bedroom This Winter Season

21 oct 2021

As the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, it is inevitable that you want to spend more time in your home. And what better time for curling up in bed with a warm drink and your favourite book under the warm, cozy covers.

It is essential that your space reflects a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that you can enjoy spending time in, especially during the colder months. As we start and end the day in our bedrooms, it is worth putting in some extra time to make your space a restful, warm place to retreat after a long, busy day.

From textured bedding to the most comfortable pillows and perfect lighting, our designers have gathered the best tips to create a warm ambiance that will cozy up your bedroom for the winter season.


Zoco Home Quality Bedding

An investment in quality bedding is investing in better sleep, as well as enhancing your bedroom’s coziness. We suggest opting for quality cotton bedding to ensure that good nights rest and a calming atmosphere.

Cotton is a pure, natural material which is woven using fine fabric, allowing it to be breathable. Cotton bedding will also offer your space a timeless design regardless of your style.

Bedding and other textiles are the best options to transition your bedroom from one season to another as you can easily swap them and it doesn't cost too much time or effort to change it around.

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, so it is very important that we feel good in it.

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Zoco Home Quality Lighting in Bedrooms

Lighting makes such a huge difference regarding the feel of a space. Get ready for a warm winter indoors by adding stylish lighting in your bedroom. There are endless amounts of lights and lampshades available, whether you prefer boho ceiling lighting, elegant bedside table lighting or stylish floor lighting to create a warmer ambience.

Be sure to pick bulbs with warmer tones, to bring in the warmth in your space. Adding candlelights across any space can also enhance the ultimate space.

Explore our large selection of timeless lampshades and candlelight holders.


Zoco Home Layer your bedding with textiles for cozy room

Another way to get the cozy look you crave in your bedroom is to layer up with textures.

Dress up your bed with thick bed covers, throws and pile up with cushy pillows. Volume is essential when looking to create the perfect cozy look as you want to make your bed look like something you wish to sink into after a long day.

Discover our beautiful selection of quality throws, blankets, pillows and cushions.


Zoco Home Bedside Tables

Comfort and relaxation are two very important factors when designing your home and every bedroom needs a beautiful nightstand or bedside table in order to feel complete.

Bedside tables are the most efficient method to turn any bedroom into a fashionable and practical area. If you prefer to have your smaller items nearby, such as a lamp, reading book or glass of water, functional bedside tables are a must.

Zoco Home Bedrooms

Bedside tables used to purely be placed into a bedroom for practical purposes, however, they are now seen as an essential part of furniture, undeniably providing your space with a beautiful design.

Additionally, they can display unique decor pieces without making your space look cluttered.


Zoco Home Neutral Colours in Bedrooms

Using neutral colours as the base creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures such as natural elements and cozy throws.

Using neutral colours help to create a warm and calming atmosphere which is ideal for your bedroom. No matter what size of room you have, using a neutral colour palette helps to give your bedroom a brighter and more spacious look.

This way you create an inviting environment where you can truly relax and enjoy the colder seasons.

Zoco Home Cozy Bedroom

Now that you have discovered our designers favorite tips on how to create the ultimate cozy bedroom for the winter, it is time to take action and upgrade your space. We all deserve the bedroom of our dreams and the perfect night's sleep.

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