Discover Finca Can Marti - Ibiza’s Hidden Treasure 

While Ibiza is usually known for its spectacular beaches and the party scene being a large attraction for tourism, there is so much more to offer on this glorious Spanish island in terms of nature and its scenic countryside. 

And what better way to experience the Ibizan countryside than to stay in an authentic, 400 year old white washed finca. Can Marti is surrounded by nature, located in a protected area just north of the island known as “Area Natural Es Amunts” and is known to be the island’s hidden treasure.

With Finca Can Marti surrounded by amazing scenery and providing guests the opportunity to stay in a sustainable environment, it has been an incredible experience to redesign and transform this finca into an inviting space.

Finca Can Marti Boho interior design

From the beautiful Ibizan countryside, to organically produced food and boho styled rooms; the owner, Tom, shares the story of Finca Can Marti and how they have transformed this traditional finca into a rural gem, where guests can stay and appreciate the nature that the island offers.

Tell us a little bit about Finca Can Marti

Since 1994, Finca Can Marti has always been a family run business. Originally, it was a farm with around 42 acres of land surrounding the property.

Finca Can Marti in Ibiza

We knew from the start that our goals would be to restore this farm in a traditional way, using natural building materials, allowing us to keep as sustainable as possible. 

We began restoring the original house, which is around 400 years old and started transforming the stables into rooms and separate villas, reconstructing this farmhouse into the perfect getaway.

Since 1999, we have had guests staying at Finca Can Marti every summer.

What kind of atmosphere does the finca have?

Finca Can Marti definitely portrays a sense of calmness and a relaxed atmosphere.

Bedroom decor in ibiza

The place has been restored using high quality and environmentally friendly materials and redesigned using a rustic, bohemian style which automatically gives you that connection with nature.

People come here to disconnect as it feels so secluded from the outside world. It really is like a little oasis. Each room has its own private garden which offers so much privacy, adding a lot of value to the place.

Finca Can Marti Bedroom decor

What is unique about Finca Can Marti?

One of the most unique things about this finca is that we have a 100% organic farm. Everything that we produce is organic, even the cleaning products we use are organic! We really believe in paying attention to the details, giving our guests that extra touch of care.

We offer breakfasts which are also 100% organic and produced in our farm or sourced locally. We also have an onsite organic shop which is always open to our guests. They love the fact they are able to get food and drinks here.

Finca Can Marti

During the summer months, from around June to September, we have “chiringuito” afternoons by our natural pool, where we sell drinks and tapas for our guests. Occasionally we offer organic dinners, too!

Natural pool in Finca Can Marti

Another amazing thing about Finca Can Marti is that even though you are in a super secluded area in a valley, you are just a 10 minute walk to a beautiful village called San Juan. You can get a sense of the Ibizan culture, beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants and explore the local village market.

How did you find out about Zoco Home and what made you approach us?

In the process of restoring the finca, we knew we wanted to continue using natural elements in the building materials, as well as the furniture and decor.

Bathroom design in Ibiza

So when searching across the internet, we stumbled upon Zoco Home and immediately knew that you provided the kind of furniture we had envisioned in Finca Can Marti.

Finca Can Marti bedroom

What is your favourite thing about the finca? 

One of the best features about Finca Can Marti is our natural pool. As we are an ecological Agroturismo/Hotel it was essential for us to have a chemical free pool. Therefore the pool is filled with natural water, giving you the feeling you are swimming in a lake.

The pool is filtered on a daily basis and is surrounded by beautiful layers of stones and plants that assist in filtering the water. It is quite a complex system but with this, no water is wasted and is always being reused in the surroundings.

We also produce 60% to 70% of our own electricity, use solar panels, as well as filtering all the water which goes back to the plants, so we waste as little as possible.

So all your dishes are sustainably produced on your land. Do you have any special dishes or a favourite meal you offer your guests?

All our produce is made organically and the dishes we offer depend on the season. This means we have the ability to provide our guests with different dishes every week!

Finca Can Marti Organic food in Ibiza

We offer such a large variety of different dishes, from a tasty Shakshuka to delicious curries depending on what’s available in the garden.

Where are most of your guests from? 

We have guests from all over the world. We love how our traditional Ibizan finca has become so international.

We really enjoy such an international group of guests. People outside of Spain love the sustainable aspect of the finca which is a unique selling point for us.

Finca can Marti Boho interior design

Are you looking for the perfect getaway? Finca Can Marti is the ideal place for you. Immerse yourself into nature, beauty and tranquility.

This place has been created with love and redesigned with care and as it is a family run business, the service they offer is so personal, making your stay here a truly unforgettable one.

You will be sure to capture authenticity and charm when staying in Finca Can Marti.