Discover Our Top Restaurant Interior Design Projects

A stunning, breathtaking, memorable restaurant is every restaurant owner's dream. It should be the place that customers are eager to return to.

Restaurant interior design means so much and in a world where there's an endless amount of creativity and design, people have the urge to experience interesting, new things. An experience that should not be limited to just food but also a visual experience, too. That is why it is essential to create a complete experience for your guests.

At Zoco Home, we don’t just create dream homes, our expertise lies in producing beautiful restaurants and hospitality spaces.

From boho chic cafes on the Costa Del Sol to astonishing world renowned beach clubs in Miami, we gather our top restaurants and beach clubs we have designed that you can draw inspiration from.


This stylish restaurant, Scorpios, is situated on a secluded beach at the southern tip of Mykonos, Greece.

Scorpios Mykonos Interior Design

Image by Scorpios

Zoco Home collaborated with Scorpios Mykonos and Lambs and Lions to create an unforgettable space and a journey for the visitors of this beachside haven. The space was transformed with an artistic mindset, allowing a coastal, laid back vibe to flow through both the interior and exterior.

Interior Design Scorpios Mykonos

Image by Scorpios

The terrace space allows customers to enjoy the surroundings of nature combined with ethnic boho decor to accentuate the calming atmosphere of this beachside oasis. The interior encompasses the use of whitewashed stone walls together with unique organic furniture and ethnic decor, providing the space with an atmosphere that portrays authenticity and style.

Scorpios Mykonos is the perfect getaway where you can appreciate the sandy beaches, live music events and an impressive cuisine.


Marbella’s beachside gem, Nosso Summer Club has been completely redesigned into a boho dream beach club, bar and restaurant.

Interior Design Nosso Summer Club

Nosso Summer Club reached out to us in order to create a beach club that stands out from the crowd, a place that their customers will remember. With our expert designers we formed a collaboration with Nosso Summer Club and transformed this restaurant into a special experience.

Zoco Home Interior Design Nosso Summer Club

The bar section offers a beautiful seating area that consists of authentic teak bar stools and boho lamps where you are automatically drawn to its beauty. The restaurant is filled with natural, organic furnishings which creates a peaceful atmosphere whilst enjoying their exceptional cuisine.

With the combination of natural furniture and decor, together with the tropical sea breeze of the Mediterranean, Nosso Summer Club is by far, the best place to spend your summer days in Marbella.


The world renowned beach club, Nikki Beach has been one of our most treasured projects.

Zoco Home Nikki Beach Interior Design

Image by Nikki Beach

Firstly, Zoco Home has collaborated with Nikki Beach Marbella, providing the space with a laid back luxurious look. The moment you step into this famous beach club you instantly feel the originality and quality of this dreamy beach gem.

Our partnership with Nikki Beach continued to flourish by collaborating with their global destinations. Our Nikki Beach projects have ranged from Marbella to Nikki Beach Mallorca and Ibiza, as well as taking on the complete interior design for Costa Smeralda Nikki Beach in Italy.

Nikki Beach Interior

Image by Nikki Beach

Our most recent project with Nikki Beach involves their original beach club in Miami’s hotspot where thousands flock every summer to soak up the tropical sunshine and luxury lifestyle that Nikki Beach is renowned for.

Zoco Home redesigned this legendary place and provided the entire space with that boho touch

Our goal was to achieve an impressive interior to live up to its young and vibrant atmosphere where guests enjoy live music events and entertainment, delicious international cuisines, lavish cocktails and stunning sea views.

Step into Nikki Beach and enjoy the stylish bohemian and relaxed atmosphere with a lifestyle that expresses a luxury lifestyle experience.


Stunning organic furnishings, natural decor and unimaginable cocktails, we revamped Panda Bar, Fuengirola into a space filled with boho vibes.

Zoco Home Restaurant Interior Design Panda Bar Fuengirola

This cocktail lounge, in the heart of Fuengirola, Malaga has reached an excellent reputation, however, was in desperate need of an update and a Zoco touch. After the initial consultation, mood boards and floor plans, we were ready to renovate and transform this unique space.

The final design combined natural furniture, a dash of modern elements and a mix of ethnic and vintage decor to add texture and character to the space. There’s no doubt that the Panda Bar has become the hotspot of the centre and a trendy environment to grab your favourite drink.

Zoco Home Restaurant Interior Design Panda Bar Fuengirola

To have a restaurant with a beautiful interior can make your space so memorable and our expert designers are here to transform your restaurant, cafe or beach bar into the perfect space.

Contact us today and let's create beautiful spaces together.