Do This To Create A Scandinavian Minimalist Home

When it comes to achieving a Scandinavian minimalist home, the primary thought to consider is that less is more.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that relies on the foundation of a smart design with simple, yet stylish decoration. Due to its simplicity and elegance, it’s no wonder the look is becoming ever so popular.

In this guide, we share with you how to create a home with a minimalist design that still embodies character, warmth and an all round inviting atmosphere.


The foundation of any minimalist interior is that “less is more”. Spaces are designed in a clean and simple manner.

Scandinavian minimalist home

Minimalism is all about living with less, so decluttering is a must. If there is something you have not used in several years, get rid of it.

Our homes are filled with everyday objects that we’ve acquired over time. If you want to adopt a minimalist nature, it is important to put a lot of thought into the arrangement of your homes.

If you are struggling to clear up your space, read these easy tips on how to declutter your home.


Just because you want to adopt a minimalist style, it does not mean that you cannot add your personality to it. Many minimalist homes portray the owners personality.

Keep in mind this is your home and it needs to accommodate you and your taste. To really make your home personal to you, add some photographs and place special items across your home that you may have.

Additionally, simply by adding a few unique or vintage items in your home, can quickly create a beautiful style. It is up to you to create an aesthetically pleasing look.


Zoco Home Minimalist home

The biggest items in your home are the furniture, so we recommend starting the minimalist mission by looking at your space and deciding which furniture pieces are the most important for you. Think of furniture that can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and livability for you and your family.


Minimalist Home Linen Sofa Zoco Home

Minimalist interiors show quality over quantity. We recommend designing your interior with timeless pieces that will last for years to come.

From large furniture pieces like timeless linen sofas or smaller items like bedding and cushions, buying quality will only enhance your minimalist goals.


Zoco Home Minimalist Living Room Neutral Base

A classic minimalist usually starts with a neutral base. By using a neutral base, this creates a calming, elegant atmosphere. Additionally, the neutral palette allows you to decorate with decor you wish to have in your home, adding colours and textures.

We recommend starting off with a neutral coloured sofa. Our linen sofas will create the neutral base you need, making it easier to add texture.


Try using furniture that is multifunctional and can be used for multiple functions or placed in different rooms. One of the best multifunctional pieces you can have in your home is a stool or bench.

Stools and benches can be used as additional seating in your living space, for decorative purposes, or as an entryway bench to place items.


Minimalist home lampshades

To add a more visual look to your home, yet keeping within the minimalist look, explore different kinds of lighting.

Find a lampshade that you love and make it the focal point of your space, whether that is in the living room, bedroom or dining space.


Adding natural decor into your home provides your space with the ultimate Scandinavian minimalist look.

Zoco Home Natural Decor Minimalist

Using wooden and organic decor can provide your space with that rustic look and together with a neutral base, your home will be filled with style.

Decorating and upgrading your home should be a fun task to do. So take your time with it and focus on one room each time to truly create a Scandinavian minimalist home.

Remember, that the minimalist style can look different for each person, so let your personality shine through to create your perfect home.

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