Everything You Need To Know When Designing Your Kitchen

7 oct 2020

As it is the heart of every home, it is important your kitchen is noticed and decorated well. Whether you live in a studio or a larger home, everyone has a kitchen. Our kitchens are where we cook, eat, socialise and entertain, a place where memories are made.

Scandinavian Boho Style kitchen

It is the centre of both entertainment and work. That is why we put in so much effort into decorating our kitchens and dream of having a kitchen that is stylish, timeless and functional, too.

Whether you are looking for just a few design changes or thinking of remodeling your entire kitchen, we have come up with the essentials when transforming your kitchen, becoming the heart of your home.

Begin With The Basics

Regardless if you have decided to undergo a complete renovation or would like to transform the entire feel of your kitchen, it is a good idea to begin with the foundation of the kitchen, understanding the type of materials you have your eye on.

Built in kitchen with micro cement

This is the first step before even considering adding appliances and decor items in your kitchen.

The use of microcement in design spaces has been continuously growing in popularity. Architecture and interior designers have transformed such a simple material into creating exclusive atmospheres, providing spaces with a rustic touch.

Stunning kitchen interior design

The use of concrete or cement will provide your space with such a unique style, creating an area full of personality and an unforgettable atmosphere for all your family and friends.

That is exactly the reason we have been using microcement as part of our designs for several years, providing our clients with beautiful kitchens, as well as bathroom designs, to create that ultimate, timeless look.

The best thing about incorporating microcement when designing is that it is so versatile. You can place microcement everywhere; on the floors, walls and as countertops!

Beautiful Microcement kitchen countertop

Using microcement in interior design projects continues to grow and we predict that microcement will be the kitchen trend of 2021.

For some concrete and microcement inspo, check out our Recent Interior Design Projects. If you are looking to transform your kitchen into that timeless look, we can help you to create this look with our interior design services.

Keeping It Natural

If you enjoy a lifestyle close to nature, then having a nature inspired kitchen will be ideal for you. Every time you step into your kitchen to cook, entertain or simply relax, you will want to have that special connection with nature. There are several key points to consider when designing a nature inspired kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen design in Marbella

Firstly, we recommend using authentic natural materials such as wood and concrete. Their quality and durability makes them a good choice. We absolutely love the use of natural elements, so we try to incorporate that look in all our kitchen designs.

Be sure to check Step Inside Our Stunning Beach House Project to be inspired by the use of wood in the kitchen. Do you find it inspiring?

Built in kitchen with micro cement and wood

Secondly, adding the correct Lighting to your kitchen can transform the entire feel of the space. If the natural look is for you, then try adding our beautiful Shezad Seagrass Lamp Shades.

These lamp shades are handcrafted by artisans of sea grass and will be the statement piece in your kitchen!

Shexad natural lamp shade


Rugs may not be the first thing you consider when transforming your kitchen, but there are so many benefits to adding rugs. Rugs are a great way to add colour and style in a neutral toned kitchen and they add extra comfort under your feet, too.

Depending on the shape of your kitchen, we recommend adding one of our beautiful Jute Rugs to complement your space. They are environmentally friendly and made from all natural fibres, creating a natural boho feeling in your kitchen.

Jute rug

If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen with a dash of colour, our Boucherouite Rugs may be just what you are looking for. These rugs are handmade using bright colours which will automatically bring extra character to your kitchen.

Sit With Stools

Kitchen stools are chairs that provide both character, as well as saving space in your home. They are versatile and so easy to maneuver, which is ideal when you have visitors.

There is something so special about having wooden bar stools in the kitchen. That is why we adore these Teak Bar Stools that are made out of natural teak wood and designed to portray an organic look, perfect for any kitchen style.

Teak bar stools in kitchen

Not only do they look good, but they are extremely durable due to the high quality of wood providing your kitchen with a classic look and adding value to your entire home.

Style Up With Accessories

A good interior design is the first impression of the kitchen, however, having the right accessories and appliances hold an equal importance to the value of your kitchen.

Kitchen and dining accessories

Accessories will add the finishing touches and complete the kitchen you have always wanted. We have a large selection of Kitchen and Dining Accessories which will definitely enhance your newly designed kitchen.

Look for unusual kitchen accessories that will make an instant impression in your kitchen, like our Vintage Finds.

Some of these items can be placed on any open self to accentuate your personality and style.

For a more natural look, try our Teak Cutting Boards and Teak Wooden Bowls that will add quality and functionality to any kitchen space.

Teak cutting board and teak wooden bowl

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to begin a design project. You may have so many ideas but not sure what to do with them, or you may be so keen on starting a design project but lost for inspiration.

Whatever objectives you have, our committed interior design team will be here to bring your dream kitchen home.

If you are simply looking to spruce up your kitchen with some new decor ideas, or eager to redesign your entire kitchen, you can contact us either through email at info@zocohome.com or by WhatsApp to +34 635 546 360.

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