Is Your Kitchen and Dining Area Summer Ready?

Summers are that time of the year when everything is bright, beautiful, and a little more alive. The sky and the outdoors look like exquisite paintings of an artist with a summer breeze and warm hues.

Nature does its magic with the world in summers, bringing it back to life from the dead of winter. Our homes are little worlds that we create for ourselves, with some changes in interiors we can transform them to match the beauty of scenic summers outside.

 Get Your Home ready for Summer


The kitchen and dining area is the life of any house, a space where everyone comes together and bonds over food and love. A space which is an embodiment of Hygge.

We can help you in transforming your kitchen and dining area to perfectly match the vibe of summers. Scandinavian themed furniture and décor with its neutral shades, natural materials, and minimalism would be perfect for making any space summer- ready.

Here are some handpicked pieces of furniture, accessories, and décor that can metamorphose your kitchen and dining areas into a summer dream.

The Dining Table:

A dining table is the key element of any dining area. Depending on the number of family members you can pick any of these from our collection.

Each piece is made out of teak wood which makes them durable and sturdy. Wood being a natural material brings warmth to indoor spaces.

Zoco Home dining table collection

Kabira Dining Table

The Kabira dining table is a rectangular table with X-feet and would make for a strong yet aesthetically pleasing table.

Sama Round Dining Table

The Sama round table is equally strong and elegant but is more space-efficient hence more suitable for smaller dining spaces.

Adika Dining Table 

The sheer simplicity of Adika dining table is very pleasing to look at. This smooth and neat looking rectangular teak wood Adika dining table is as beautiful as it is simple.



Dining Table Accessories:

You can lay your dining table in all shades of summer with these dining table accessories.

They are made out of natural and earthy materials such as clay, jute, shells, and ceramic which is why they are not only artistic to look at but are also almost therapeutic to hold because of their natural textures.

Each piece serves a purpose and can also be decorated because they are just so beautiful to look at.

Raffia Table Mat

These handmade raffia table mat are organic and would add all the summer charm to your dining space. 

Seashell Table Mat

This seashell table mat is also handmade out of organic material. The shell embellishment on the edges gives them a bohemian touch.

Jute Table Mat

Made out of jute this dining mat is also organic, earthy looking and beautiful.

Ceramic Plates:

These ceramic dining plates are small pieces of art with exquisite patterns on them. Handmade by artisans of Morocco these ceramic plates are exotic statement pieces.

Ceramic Mug:

You can start your summer mornings with tea, coffee or any beverage of your choice in these pristine white ceramic mugs.

Handcrafted by artisans from Morocco each mug has a unique pattern and design. It will be your favourite mug even long past summers.

Teak Wooden Bowl:

Wooden bowls on wooden dining tables would make for a one of its kind dining space style statement. Also, you can serve snacks, nuts and tapas in this teak wood bowl.

Clay Casserole:

A clay casserole for serving your delicacies and even some cooking in the oven is summer dining and kitchen essential.

Clay Bowl:

This handmade clay bowl would make a perfect match with the clay plates and the clay casserole. It is handmade, organic, and can be used to serve salad, soups or any hot food item.

Clay Plates:

Everything and anything that you will serve on these clay dining plates would look alluring and delicious. Clay utensils also make your food healthier and tastier because of its alkaline nature.

Walnut Plate:

You can also adorn your kitchen and dining with these exquisite olive wood dining plates this summer. Each of these plates has been handcrafted in Morocco with unique patterns and designs on every piece.



Organic Chair

Fashioned from teak wood and synthetic rattan the organic chair is minimalistic, elegant, and also has a wide and comfortable seating space.

Wishbone Chair

The wishbone chair is as enchanting as its name is. It has a unique design, is comfortable, supports the back yet leaves the sides free for sitting in any position.

Natural Cane Dining Chair

This chair is made out of wood and cane is reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s designs. It is comfortable and cosy with a strong backrest.

Rattan Dining Chair

A combination of metal and rattan these dining chairs are a fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics. They would look beautiful adorning your dining space.

Teak Dining Chair

The Teak dining chair is all about comfort and character. It has a comfortable seat and a wide backrest. It exudes style and simplicity hence is classic Scandinavian.


Hangings and Wall Décor:

If you cannot change the furniture of your kitchen and dining space, you can still transform it and bring in all the summer vibes with these hangings and décor from our store.

You can either set up a small corner with all things that speak summer to you with these beautiful adornments or hang them on empty walls together in a pattern of your choice.

Rattan Round Mirror:

Mirrors give the illusion of a wider space and add volume to any space. They are the simplest yet the most effective way of transforming a room.

Seagrass Wall Deco:

This natural, ethic, and bohemian looking wall décor can be hung as a single statement piece or combined with any other hangings of your choice.

Macrame Wall Hanging:

Macrame wall hanging is made with beautiful patterns designed with cotton threads. You can enliven a room to the magic of summer with this one.

Binga Basket:

Weaved by Tonga artisans in Binga region in Zimbabwe these baskets will make for a unique and earthy wall décor.


We can say it with certainty that tuning your home in accordance to the changing season would make you fall in love with your home even more. If you love summers and cannot stand winters then your summer home décor would give you warmth and solace even during winter blues.

We hope to be able to help you in dressing up your kitchen and dining in all the shades of summer.