How To Decorate Your Fireplace For The Winter

It is almost that time of the year again where our homes are filled with friends and family. And what better way to gather your guests around a cozy fireplace that you have decorated. Your fireplace should function as the heart of your home so now is the perfect time to decorate your fireplace for the winter season. 

Janni Deler and Jon Olsson House interior design in Marbella

If you are not quite sure how to decorate this often overlooked space, then keep reading to be inspired and discover a few simple ways to decorate around a fireplace. 

Remember that just a few decor changes can transform the entire feel of a space.  

Spruce Up With Vintage Items 

Janni Deler and Jon Olsson house interior design in Marbella
Since your fireplace serves as the focal point, take it as an opportunity to showcase some vintage items

Items that you select to present in your space speaks a lot about who you are and your style. Vintage items are not only beautiful to look at but they display history, creating a unique design on your fireplace. 

Every space deserves that extra special unique touch in their home. Create your place and achieve the authentic look to transform your fireplace into a cozy, warm space with our unique finds. 

Spice up your interior with vintage items to create some Scandinavian boho style

Less Is More 

Minimalist interiors are ideal for people who consider elegance in simple things, perfect to form spaces that breathe peace and tranquility. 

Transforming spaces into a minimalist design has been an ongoing trend, so if you admire the Scaninavian look, then keeping your fireplace simple, yet cozy is the perfect thing to do. 

Simple fireplace for any decor style

 To get a minimalist look around your fireplace, the key is to create a sophisticated design composed with a touch of natural elements. 

Try adding some wall decor above your fireplace. We recommend placing a few of our Binga Baskets to create a simple, yet beautiful look. These beautiful Binga Baskets are handmade by the Tonga and Binga tribes and are made using palm leaves. 

Express your personality and combine a few different sizes and patterns of the Binga Baskets. They will add an authentic touch to your minimalistic space. 

Surround The Fireplace With Textures 

Texture is an amazing element to use in interior design which is often overlooked. Using texture in a space allows you to create stylish interiors, especially when it comes to decorating around your fireplace. 

Simple stylish fireplace

Using textures around this space can add an extra charm, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. Our interior designers love to use a mixture of natural textures with a Scandinavian twist. 

Try adding our Recycled Teak Stool for a simple way to add some texture. These recycled teak stools are ideal near a fireplace and are multifunctional, too! Beautiful and providing a rustic vibe, these stools can be used as a side table, decoration, as well as a form of seating when you have guests. 

Display Some Nature 

There is no denying how much life plants can introduce in any space. If your fireplace is purely for decorative purposes, displaying some greenery will be the perfect way to add some life. 

Placing various plants in your home can boost your productivity, reduce stress as well as adding a splash of colour to your space. Try placing a few plants above your fireplace using terracotta pots to keep that warmth and cozy atmosphere. 

Micro cement fire place in Marbella

Extra Seating Space

Usually the areas beside the fireplace are empty spaces with no purpose, but this space can easily be transformed into something both functional and attractive. 

If you often have guests over, it is an excellent idea to transform the empty spaces next to your fireplace into a beautiful built-in seating area. Add some warmth to your new seating space by adding some of our gorgeous pillows and cushions or trendy Moroccan poufs

Cozy up your living space with fire place

Pillows and cushions are a quick and easy solution to change the appearance of your space. Simply add a few different pillows using neutral tones to get the ultimate cozy feel. This space will end up being the perfect place to sit and read your favourite book with a warm drink during the cooler months or the place where your guests can sit comfortably. 

Do not let your fireplace be a forgotten space in your home. Try implementing some of these decor ideas to transform your cozy fireplace and give it the style it deserves. 

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