La Villa: Rediscovering Mediterranean Charm in Benalmadena

Nestled within the esteemed residential Rancho Domingo in Benalmadena, this exquisite property underwent a transformation by Zoco Home Interior Design Studio to reclaim the quintessential Mediterranean style synonymous with the Costa del Sol.


The individually crafted home features a kitchen, three bedrooms, two terraces, and a basement. The whole house underwent a remarkable renovation, with its floors replaced by micro-cement to seamlessly connect the living spaces.

A notable addition to the basement area is the creation of a new bedroom-living space, providing an additional haven for potential guests. This thoughtful redesign adds versatility to the home, catering to various lifestyle needs and enhancing its overall functionality.


To infuse the interiors with the timeless allure of the Mediterranean, meticulous attention was paid to the choice of materials and furnishings by Zoco Home. Linen fabrics and bespoke oak wood pieces, such as doors, wardrobes, and headboards, were carefully selected and design to breathe new life into the home, evoking the authentic essence of Mediterranean living. These elements not only add visual warmth and texture but also pay homage to the region's rich cultural heritage.


By blending modern design elements with traditional Mediterranean aesthetics, this renovated home in Rancho Domingo stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of coastal living. With its revitalised charm and enhanced livability, it offers a serene retreat where residents can fully immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of the Costa del Sol.


For those seeking a timeless sanctuary infused with Mediterranean elegance, this renovated home in Rancho Domingo by Zoco Home Interior Design Studio beckons with its inviting ambiance and unparalleled beauty.

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