Small Decor Items That Make A Big Difference In Your Home

Bringing personality into a space doesn't mean you need to go over the top to make a decorative impact. It is amazing how small decorative items and accessories can create a huge difference in a space. Smaller accessories are the most inexpensive way to freshen up your home.

These smaller home decor items can complete any space by giving it character, vibrancy and an inviting touch. It is easy to switch it up and move these accessories around when you feel the need to get creative with your home.

If you feel like your space needs a refresh, you don’t have to refurbish your entire home or take on a renovation project. We’ve gathered our top tips and favourite items on how to decorate your home with smaller accessories that will make a big difference in your home.


Zoco Home Sumba Statues

Everyone wants their home to reflect their own personal style and by adding unique items into your space is the perfect way to do so. Incorporating unique and vintage finds with your existing decor gives your home an inviting, lived-in look.

Sumba Stones are the perfect addition to liven up your shelves. Traditionally, these statues are placed inside their homes providing protection and healing for the inhabitants. These beautiful stonewashed sumba stones are handcrafted by local artisans from the Island of Sumba meaning each statue offers pure uniqueness into your home.


Zoco Home Sea Shell Table Mat

Dining rooms are truly the heart of our homes. It is the place where we share great times with our loved ones, indulge in entertainment, from delicious meals, lively conversations and lots of laughter.

And with a beautifully decorated dining table, makes the experience for yourself and your guests even better.

By simply adding these Sea Shell Table Mats you can instantly upgrade your dining experience. These beautiful mats are handcrafted from rattan material with intricate shells around the edges, providing that finishing touch to any table setting.

These sea shell table mats are the perfect addition to bring that fresh, coastal vibes to your space during the hot summer months.


Zoco Home Bali Cushion Covers

Bringing in textiles into a space can easily be a simple upgrade to your space, whether that is a bedroom, living room or cozy corner. If chosen correctly, cushions can pull together all the elements of a room and bring harmony to a space.

These Bali Cushions Covers will instantly spruce up your space by introducing a calming and beautiful boho vibe, adding some textures and patterns.

These cushion covers are made from cotton and handwoven in looms with a black zig zag embroidery and finished with black pom poms on each corner. These looms are a symbol of art and tradition, providing your space an authentic, yet minimalistic touch.


Zoco Home Teak Wooden Bowl

Kitchens are a huge part of our everyday lives. They are an important room of the house where we spend a lot of time with our friends and family so your kitchen deserves a dash of personality by adding a few smaller decor items.

Add a natural and organic touch to your dining table with a beautiful Teak Wooden Bowl. A masterpiece of teak wood, this beautiful bowl offers functionality, where you can serve snacks or salads, as well as being a decorative piece in your space.


Zoco Home Banana Wall Deco Baskets

Wall art and decor are great tools for sprucing up your interior. It can give a brightness to your walls, enhance your interior style all whilst creating a harmonious finish to the room.

Showcase some character to your walls by adding beautiful Banana Wall Deco Baskets. These baskets add contrast and texture to any space with its unique style. Each basket is handwoven with banana leaves and cotton, allowing each piece to be unique and providing your space with that natural, organic charm.

Zoco Home Small Decor and Accessories

Smaller home accessories give interest, colour, texture and a sense of warmth turning any house into a home. If you are looking to refresh your space, explore our large selection of home decor and accessories to complete your home.

Let’s create beautiful spaces together!