Villa Abisko: Subtle Luxury

14 jul 2023

Interior Design holds the power to completely transform a living space, breathing life into it and creating a harmonious space that inspires a certain lifestyle. Here we will delve into the story of one of our latest interior design projects, Villa Abisko. A stunning new development in the hidden hills of La Cala de Mijas

Our journey begins over a year ago, with a blank canvas, a big project, and the goal to achieve an inspiring interior space with a touch of creativity and warmth. 

Having found us from one of our hotel design projects, the homeowners dreamt of a home that exuded luxury and embraced a free-spirited and laid back ambiance. Conciliating their love for the Zoco Home style, and trusting us to lead the way in this home transformation

The architecture of the newly built home represented a forward thinking design style, with cold, sterile forms that needed a bit of life to come together!

In many rooms, the dominating element was to play with texture, adding depth and visual intrigue to the space. Natural materials played a crucial role in creating this effect, materials such as jute, rattan, and recycled wood were introduced in the form of rugs, furniture, and other home accessories, giving the environment a lively and spirited quality.

Our love for nature doesn’t stop there, especially in this home where you are completely immersed in the Mediterranean outback. Greenery was strategically placed throughout the property, in both the exterior and interior, breathing life and freshness into the empty corners and saturated spaces.

Building the foundations of the home revolved around the vision for the space, that seamlessly blended boho style with contemporary design principles. Floor tiling, wall painting and bathroom design and construction were chosen to serve as a subtle but significant backdrop for the diverse decoration and furniture that we wanted to incorporate. By choosing a relaxed and neutral colour palette, the foundations of the home are versatile and low maintenance. This is especially important when renovating or investing in a home which you may be renting or upselling.

Lighting was an especially vital feature that was used to enhance the general mood of the home. Focusing again on natural materials and some of our favourite Zoco Home lighting staples such as the Ay Illuminate Pickle Pendant made from woven rattan. These lampshades were installed at varying heights across the main corridor to create a spectacular show of light and shadow, one of the designers’ favourite features of the home.

The architecture of the home allowed for plenty of natural light to come in, so our statement sheer linen curtains were incorporated to filter the sunlight while maintaining privacy in the living spaces with a gentle, diffused glow. 

It was important for our client that this home was family friendly and worthy of eternal holiday memories, all the while maintaining a level of versatility which allowed for renting and for others to feel at home and make memories in! Furniture solutions such as our own Linen Sofas which feature machine washable, removable covers and even some of our beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables and chairs which were used for indoor settings, allowing for peace of mind when young kids and pets are around.

Speaking to our designers, this project was especially unique due to the circumstances. We normalised communicating with the clients remotely (as they were in their home country), organising frequent visits on-site so that they can see their new home coming to life. By the time we delivered the final result, we had become friends from this journey of trust, and built not only a beautiful home but a long lasting professional relationship.

View the full gallery of Villa Abisko here.


From design conceptualisation to execution and final delivery, our team has made it possible to transform these properties into ideal Mediterranean Summer homes.

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