Setting up a crowd-pleasing Christmas Table

For all those who love hosting Christmas dinner (and those who don’t) we want you all to be more than ready to give your guests an evening to remember! We have prepared these must-have suggestions which will completely transform your way of entertaining and decorating your dinner table. 


If there is one thing that should never be missing from a festive setting is some decoration. They are not necessary and don’t provide functionality, but they are the most important thing to invite your guests and make them feel welcome. They show that you made an extra effort to make everything beautiful and they will appreciate that!

Our choice of adornments this season are natural cuttings, whether that is dried eucalyptus, sprigs of holly or even some mistletoe hanging from a decorative lamp! Create a centrepiece with pine cones or simply tuck the cuttings beneath the plates or in the napkin holder.


Whether you want to protect a precious table, or give a cosier feel to your gathering, textiles are the way to go! And in this case we are definitely talking about functionality AND decorative potential. 

We recommend using fabric napkins instead of paper, not only because they are guilt free but they are so much more efficient and easy to wash! Also, by getting rid of any disposable tableware you are creating a sense of luxury and good conscience. 

Don’t shy away from layering your textiles; you can use Linen Place Mats on top of your linen tablecloth to create a lush wintery aesthetic.

Unique stoneware

A household basic all year round is a special stoneware collection. Choosing dinnerware can sometimes feel a little stressful because it feels like you are committing to something for a long time! The way we see it is that if you are scared to marry a stoneware set, it’s not the right one for you. 

The key is to browse efficiently and filter out all the options which are definitely not for you. After that, we recommend choosing neutral tones, especially if you hope to use this set regularly as bright colours can become over stimulating for your vision and can potentially tire your eyes. Above all, the important thing is that the food stands out, so soft tones will let your master chef recipe shine!

Gourmet goodies

If your condiments are as beautiful as the Nicola Vahé collection, then you know they will look great on your table setting. Apart from having so much variety to choose from, the blends of salts and spices are simply sublime and will accompany your menu to perfection! Browse our selection of gourmet Nicolas Vahé treats and find the perfect partnership for your main menu. 

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can even prepare your own gift baskets with gourmet goodies for your guests to take home! 

Do It Yourself

People will appreciate the extra effort and added value when you personally take some time to make something by hand. Even if your dinner menu consists of rotisserie chicken and frozen vegetables, there is definitely something, even if it is just a small personal touch that you can make. 

Put your calligraphy skills to the test and go for some beautiful handwritten place cards or try out some fancy napkin folding.


We are sure that with all these tips you will be able to turn your dinner party into a bright and friendly gathering that will be remembered for its impressive decoration and delightful hosting!